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Thank you for your interest in visiting this tremendous occupational health safety and environment business blog.

My name is Onyeka Emma. And I humbly welcome you to

This site is for Occupational Health and Safety, Health and Safety, Quality, and Environment business activities.

I’ll be explaining to you our goals; what we try to do here, how we want to achieve them and what you can do to help us achieve our goals.

Our goal.

Occupational health and safety are very important aspects of our lives, both in the workplace and off the workplace.

Over time, workers suffer work-related injuries, harm and even fatalities simply because they are at work.

However, some contributory factors could be what the workers and the employers did wrong or what they failed to do.

The bulk of responsibility lies with the employer to ensure a safe workplace, to ensure safe working and to provide personal protective equipment for the employees.

However, our ultimate goal is to promote awareness of health and safety in Nigeria and in the world at large.

To promote occupational health and safety, we set up this website for these two critical areas; INFORMATION AND RESOURCES.

Information for health safety and environment.

Our desire is to provide information for occupational health and safety practitioners, employers and employees, First aiders, environmental personnel, scaffolders and scaffold inspectors, lifting operators, banks men, industrial hygienists, Quality officers, flagmen etc on the things they need to perform their work safely and to keep themselves safe while maintaining a healthy workplace.

We work tirelessly to give timely blogs and updates on health and safety, the environment, and ISO management systems.

Resources for health safety and environment.

We’ve materials for aspiring health and safety personnel, and personal safety, that can aid to prepare the person for the profession.

Everything we do is geared to ensure a safe workplace, a safe worker and a healthy environment.

Now that you’ve known our goal:

You can assist us in reaching out to people by sharing our content on social media and by telling more people to follow us on our social media handles.

You can always contact us on this channel and tell us what you think about what we’re doing. And what we can do better and the things you’ll like to read from us.

If you’re aspiring for an occupational health and safety role, or you’re trying to get into the profession. We would like to hear from you and see what we can do to help you.

Are you an experienced professional in Occupational health and safety, or in the environment?

We would like to hear from you as well. We offer you a platform to share your stories with us to inspire other people and to encourage what we do.

We want you to succeed in the health, Safety and environmental business and can’t wait to see you succeed.


Occupational health safety and environment business blog

Join a network of HSE professionals with this WhatsApp group link. Click here to join.

Join a network of HSE professionals with this WhatsApp group link. Click here to join.

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