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Office fire safety tips

office fire safety tips

Fire emergencies occurring in offices can lead to damage to properties, harm to persons and losses to the company. However, getting good Office safety for fire prevention will require office safety measures to be in place. 

Below are 14 tips that will ensure good office fire safety.

1. Fire risk assessment.

A fire risk assessment will determine the possible fire risk hazard in the office. The fire risk assessment involves determining the likelihood of those fire hazards starting a fire, their location, risk level and series of measures to control those hazards from starting a fire.

2. Good Housekeeping practice

Good housekeeping means a place for everything and everything in its proper place. Ensuring good housekeeping in your offices will guarantee that things are in an ordered arrangement in your office.

3. Learn to manage fuel sources.

Fuels can start Fire. It is one of the elements of Fire. They include papers, writing materials, etc. Learn to manage fuel sources properly to prevent heat and oxygen contact with fuel sources.  

4. Inspect all office electrical equipment.

Socket, plugs and extension cables used in the office should be in good condition. Ensure to create a routine inspection to check the equipment and ensure that they are in other.

5. Create a fire management plan.

The fire management plan should be designed, practised, rehearsed and communicated to all Personnel in the workplace. Practise fire drills at intervals to get everyone informed on things to do before a fire emergency.

Office fire safety tips

6. Create a muster point area.

Muster Point is a safe area where people assemble during a fire emergency. It can be called a fire assembly point. Ensure that you create the muster point area and make it visible and safe for all workers.

7. Staff and visitors register.

This register ensures that all office occupants can be accounted for during a fire emergency. Keep those registers for everyone in your office.

8. Handle Combustible materials properly.

Create a good management system for combustible materials in your office. Manage combustibles effectively. Sort and arrange them properly. They include trash cans, papers, cardboard paper etc.

9. Provide a fire alarm.

Ensure you provide a fire alarm system and make the manual call points visible for workers to see during emergencies. Install smoke detectors effectively. The workers should be familiar with the sound of the alarm.

10. Removal of all obstructions

Do not block any walkway in the office. Always allow free movement of people. During emergencies, objects on the walkway can introduce more risks to harm to people escaping for safety. In addition, ensure that stairways are free of obstruction.

11. Elevator/lift

Do not use the lift during any fire emergency, as this could trap the occupier whenever the electricity goes off. 

12. Smoking area.

Create a policy of non-smoking in your office or ensure that people smoke at a designated place.

13. Hire a competent fire warden

Ensure you have a fire warden in place. The fire warden will be responsible for ensuring fire safety in the office.

14. Make provisions for portable fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers will help you to fight a fire in the event of an emergency. Different fire extinguishers exist depending on the extinguishing agent and body size. Most times, DCP type of fire extinguisher and Co2 type is preferable in the office. Read more on the types of fire extinguishers in the article. Place all Portable fire extinguishers in places where fires can occur easily in the office. 

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