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Things you need to know about the federal road safety corps (FRSC) of Nigeria

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Federal road safety Corps is a Nigerian government agency for road safety management and affairs. The Road safety agency operates in 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory.

When were they formed? 

They were formed in February 1988 by the federal government decree No 45 of 1988 as amended by decree No 35 of 1992, referred to in the statute book as the FRSC Act cap 141 laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN). Then, repelled and replaced by the national assembly as the federal road safety Corps (establishment) Act 2007. 

Why were they formed? 

Before the establishment of the federal road safety Corps, there has been an upsurge in road traffic accidents in Nigeria. So, the Federal Government of Nigeria saw the need to come in and initiate an effective response to manage the road traffic system to reduce accidents on the road.

The motto of the FRSC.

  • Creating a safer motoring environment in Nigeria

Functions and responsibilities of the federal road safety commission.

  • Make the highways safe for all road users.
  • Inspection of Roadworthiness of vehicles.
  • To eliminate accidents on the highway. 
  • Public education on the importance of Highway road safety discipline
  • Removal of obstructions on any part of the highway
  • Educate all road users on the proper use of the highway.
  • Design and produce vehicle driver’s licence and maintain its validity.
  • Determine the requirements for driver’s licence application.
  • Design and produce vehicle plate numbers.
  • Standardize the highway traffic code 
  • They respond to victims of accidents on the road. 
  • Make research on motor accident causes and prevention. And using the research for effective accident prevention.
  • They enforce speed limits for all categories of roads and vehicles.
  • Make regulations of any functions assigned to the corp or under the act.
  • Regulates the use of sirens, flashers, and beacon lights on vehicles other than ambulances and those belonging to the armed forces, Nigerian police fire service and other paramilitary agencies
  • Provides mobile clinics for free treatment of accident victims on the road
  • Regulating the news of motorcycles on the highway 

The federal road safety Corps and the federal road safety commission, are they the same? 

  • The federal road safety Corps and the federal road safety commission are creations of the Federal Government of Nigeria through decree number 45 of 1988, now repelled and replaced by the road safety commission act of 2007. 
  • The federal road safety commission is a corporate body that can own a property on its own with a common seal and can sue and be sued for by individuals. The federal road safety commission has the power to appoint deputy corp marshals, asst call Marshals and assistant route commanders. 
  • The federal road safety commission has a chairman and five other persons as their members appointed by the president of Nigeria with the corps marshal.
  • The commission also makes regulations for the federal road safety Corps. 
  • The federal road safety Corps are deputy corps marshal (DCM), assistant corps Marshal (ACM) and down-to-road marshal assistant (RMA III). 

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