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7 ways to improve employee safety at your facility

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Accident happens in the workplace because of poor safety practices. Even though accidents happen unannounced, You can prevent them through proper enforcement of safety rules and safety education to workers on the worksite.

Unfortunately, some organizations do not take safety seriously. If you are keen on how to improve employee safety holistically and comprehensively as an employer, below are the tips on how you can go about it. 

1. Get a good safety plan for your facility.

A safety plan or HSE plan is the beginning of anything safety you want to achieve in your facility. A safety plan will offer what you need to set and do to ensure safety in your facility. 

2. Ensure there is improved lighting and visibility.

Poor visibility can expose workers to injuries while carrying out their job. Workers are prone to collision with materials and moving equipment in your facility when they can’t have clear visibility.

Proper lighting will ensure that your walkways and workstation are lit and make it easier for employees to be alert and aware of the immediate surroundings.

3. Install clear safety signs, labels and signage. 

Safety signs keep workers aware of the danger ahead and offer directions on where to go. For example, an emergency exit sign can give directions on the route to take during an emergency. The muster point sign will tell you where to gather during an emergency. 

More so. Having proper labels on containers will indicate the content of those containers and prevent us from being harmed by harmful chemicals. Spill signage will help to prevent slips and falls associated with spills. 

4. Check out building codes and apply them effectively.

Building codes are rules and regulations on how to carry out construction activities in a safe manner devoid of harm to persons and damage to equipment. Follow them and practice what the codes are saying in all your concerned activities. Make sure to involve competent persons in your facility maintenance activities.

5. Train your employees on how to work safely.

Training helps to improve knowledge. And when it is applied effectively gives the desired result. Invest more in training your workers on ways to do a job safely and effectively. Through safety training, you can be sure that your employees will know how to react when something goes wrong. 

6. Use of personal protective equipment.

Personal protective equipment offers protection against the impact of an accident and doesn’t prevent accidents from happening. From the hierarchy of hazard control, PPE is the last line of defence.PPE usage has a lot of benefits. Make it a mandatory rule for everyone working in your facility to wear PPE and always check for its compliance. 

7. Keep your work environment clean.

A clean and tidy environment will help to prevent an accident from happening. Good housekeeping is always encouraged by everyone at all times at work. Good housekeeping has a lot of benefits to employers, employees and everyone in a facility. Ensure that items are kept and arranged in order.

Final thoughts: how to improve employee safety at your facility

Nothing beats employees being safe in the work environment. Being safe improves the entire reputation of the company and ensures that everyone associated with the organization is safe, happy and healthy in their facility. 

Encouraging employee safety should be the responsibility of everyone in the facility to have a healthy and safer environment. 

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