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8 reasons why you need a security education and awareness in this period

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With the news of insecurity ranging from internet hacking to robbery and others, we need knowledge of security education and awareness in our lives and at work. 

Release of confidential information to the public is on the rise, sometimes through security breaches or theft. Knowing how to secure and keep private information as an employee has been among the attributes required of an employee in recent times. An unauthorised person with sensitive information can ruin an organisation. 

Individuals will help curb these issues to the barest minimum with good knowledge of security education and awareness. An individual needs to have education on physical security and cybersecurity.

Physical security

This type of security focuses on protecting people from physical harm and protecting assets, properties and equipment from damage. An individual should be aware of this security type. Physical security involves the surveillance systems, security alarms and access control in an environment.


Cybersecurity has to do with securing cyberspace and digital assets. Companies want their cyberspace to be secure and free from attacks. Some attacks can lead to significant financial loss, damage and even physical harm. In cybersecurity, an individual can learn about Malware, ransomware, and phishing. These threats can attack a website and may lead to a breach of sensitive information. 

In this article, you will read about the eight reasons for security education and awareness in this period.  

8 reasons why you need security education and awareness

1. It offers the first line of defence.

It prepares you ahead of an attack. Your knowledge of security education and awareness offers an opportunity to know the various threats that are likely to happen even when they have not happened. So you will be prepared to tackle the problem when it eventually arises. If you know a situation ahead of time, you will be aware of things to do to manage the situation. So security education and awareness put you in the know of security emergency response. 

2. Employment opportunities.

People with a background in security are becoming preferred candidates for jobs now than ever. Companies and organisations will not want to risk their sensitive information going out to the public, so they prefer a candidate who knows what to do immediately for that role. 

3. Trust.

A company can build trust with a security-conscious employee. An employee with good knowledge of security will likely respond optimally in an event leading to a security breach. They are the most trusted individuals for that event and to prevent its recurrence.

4. Customer trust and loyalty.

Customers will be happy if their confidential information is not in the Open. Trained personnel with good knowledge of security education will contribute to the safety of that information. It will be possible to secure customer information for them. 

5. All businesses need security.

Some data breaches can come into an organisation, offline or online. The moment their private information is open to the public. Good knowledge of security and awareness will help such organisations secure their businesses and be in business for a very long. 

6. Personal risk. 

When you have a good knowledge of security education and awareness, you can rest assured that your alertness level will be very high. You can effectively respond when you feel threatened or at risk of insecurity. At work, it makes you immune to workplace security issues and others. 

7. Train other employees. 

You can easily pass your knowledge to others around you because what you know is what you can easily give out. More people can get training through you on how they can protect their individual and corporate assets. 

8. Employers’ security objective. 

You can easily align with your employer’s security objective for the organisation. No company wants its assets to be in the wrong hands. Your knowledge of security will always prompt you on what to do immediately regarding the employer’s objectives. Employers spend an amount on security and expect everyone to understand that importance.

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Join a network of HSE professionals with this WhatsApp group link. Click here to join.

Join a network of HSE professionals with this WhatsApp group link. Click here to join.

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