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How to ensure Off-the-job safety: Toolbox talk

How to ensure off the job safety toolbox talk

It is pertinent that workers take good care of themselves to ensure that they come to work the next day. And this has to do with how they handle their off-the-job safety. 

You can have a good health and safety management system in place in your organisation, but what workers do off the job in their various homes outside the workplace is beyond your control. You can’t monitor or control them in those areas except if they are within your workplace facilities.

Off-the-job safety is all about paying attention to your safety outside the workplace, which can be your home, on the road, and others.

Getting your off-the-job safety right will guarantee your presence at work the next day. 

Things to do to ensure that you have good off-the-job safety

1. Understand the hazards available in your homes.

Hazards are objects, things or situations that can cause to persons. Extend the knowledge you have about hazards at your workplace in your homes. Know the things that can cause harm to you in your homes and control them effectively.  

2. Risk assessments of your home

A risk assessment is a document detailing various activities, hazards, the location of those hazards and the control measures of those hazards.

When you have a safety risk assessment of your home, you can know where you will Focus more of your attention to prevent fire in your house. 

3. Being healthy

Ensure you pay a visit to a medical doctor or go to the hospital whenever your health shows signs of illness at home. Don’t wait before it gets serious. And don’t even plan to go to work if you’re sick. If you feel that you are to be sick, you should avoid the workplace as much as possible. 

4. Be careful against commuting issues.

To and fro from work may expose you to serious road risks. 

Sometimes, these issues are not in your control to manage them. For example, in a vehicle with an overspeeding driver or having to park at dangerous places in town. These things may expose you to the risk of harm. For this, you can only be careful when you are on the road at any time.

5. Attend to your house emergencies effectively.

Whenever an emergency happens in your house, ensure you close it out immediately. It will enable you to have good concentration while going to your workplace.

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