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Toolbox talk on loading of equipment on trailers

Toolbox talk on loading of equipment on trailers

Loading of equipment on trailers is an activity that happens more often in a construction site. Loading of equipment inside a trailer is done to transport the equipment to where they need them for work and sometimes for a far distance.  

Engaging in such an activity can cause injuries when there is an accident. Sometimes, the equipment to be loaded inside a trailer may be too wide for the trailer width to take the equipment. And this may result in difficulty during the loading.

Things to do to ensure the safe loading of equipment on trailers

  • Secure the loading area to prevent unauthorized workers from accessing the loading area. 
  • Ensure you secure the truck or trailer to prevent movement during loading activity.
  • Ensure that the equipment you are loading is at the same level as the truck or a trailer
  • Ensure you study the guide before driving mobile equipment unto the truck or trailer. 
  • Ensure that the load is distributed evenly inside the trailer or truck.
  • Ensure that you secure the equipment to the truck before transit.
  • Do not overload the truck when you have to load much equipment. 
  • Ensure that you determine the necessary weight of the equipment before the commencement of the loading.

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