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HSE Blog topics on health and safety, Occupational health and safety, quality, security and the environment. The blogs are mainly on what is in the workplace and off-the-job safety topics. This HSE blog is a compendium of knowledge that will position professionals in the workplace who expose themselves to one form of hazard or the other. 

Hazards are mainly the things, object, arrangement, conversation, or situation that has the potential to cause harm to people and give rise to damage to assets and the reputation of the company.

Anyone can also read the topics and equip themselves with timely information for safeguarding their life and properties.

The information in this section will equip the reader positively in the manner below.

  • The reader will gain information on how to reduce workplace accidents.
  • Improve the worker morale at work. 
  • There will be an improvement in the company’s reputation because of the knowledge gained from reading this book.
  • The emergency response procedure will improve since the reader will gain more than enough from this section to build a formidable emergency team.
  • There will be an improvement of the individual productivity and that of the company through the knowledge and information from this section.
  • There are some topics on legal requirements for every company to meet up with and the minimum requirements for them.
  • The knowledge from here will better position someone to manage risks and hazards around them. 


Take your time and browse any of the HSE blogs of your choice and enjoy yourself while reading them. 

Reasons Why You Should Choose an Online MBA in India Image

10 Reasons why you should choose online MBA in India

In online MBA, students from across the country pursue the course, offering vast networking opportunities. You can build a robust relationship with your classmates, seniors, teachers, and alumni during the course. Numerous colleges conduct online sessions, webinars, and seminars to offer networking opportunities

When is the best time to treat neck pain in gurgaon image

When Is the Best Time to Treat Neck Pain in Gurgaon?

While neck pain is often manageable with home remedies and medication, there are times when you may need the best neck pain treatment in Gurgaon, provided by physiotherapists and medical professionals. This post explores when you should seek medical help for your neck pain to avoid any more complications.

Industrial pallet racks image photo

Industrial Pallet Racks: The do’s and don’ts you should know before buying

Using industrial pallet racks for storage makes your warehouse streamlined. When organized properly, they improve the warehouse’s capacity tremendously. You can use the vertical space correctly and increase the storehouse’s ability to put in more products.

OSHA standards Photo

Specific OSHA Standards from General Industry(29 CFR 1910)

OSHA is an acronym for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They are organizations set up by the United States for the occupational safety and health of workers in the workplace. OSHA is critical in ensuring workplace safety is maintained in various industries. OSHA has a series of safety standards that are essential for employees and employers to ensure safety compliance in the workplace. 

ways to manage and relieve stress photo

10 easy ways to manage and relieve stress

Stress can be unavoidable in one’s life, but that does not mean that you should ignore it. In as much as stress that is not treated could generate severe physical and mental health issues, there is good news that it can be managed with total moderation and practical strategies, whether it is stress from family, business, or work.

safe ladder use safety image

Ladder Safety: Inspection and proper use of ladder

Falling is one of the potential effects of the use of ladders; there could be falls of objects or falls of persons. A person’s fall is mostly a result of a slip from the rungs or the instability of the ladder. Falls can be preventable when adequate measures are in place when using a ladder

hand washing image

Hand washing and hygiene: The Crucial role it plays in disease prevention 

Hand washing is important for removing dirt, bacteria, and viruses from the skin’s surface, and it also helps to disrupt the transmission of infectious agents and prevent the spread of diseases. It is also important that everyone key into this so that the spread of diseases will be reduced and public health will improve.

safety messages photo

46 powerful safety messages that you can use daily in your workplace

When you get to some workplaces, you will notice they use one safety slogan. For example, a certain workplace may choose a safety slogan like this: safety for one, safety for all, safety first, safety always; if it is not safe, don’t do it, and don’t allow others to do it. These are safety messages that help workers to maintain safety in their various workplaces. 

electrical grounding system photo

Importance of electrical grounding and the techniques for an effective electrical grounding.

Suppose electrical equipment is not safe. In that case, its functionality is not stable, or even when its longevity is reduced, more cost will be incurred in getting a replacement, and this is where grounding comes into place. So, in this article, we will discuss what an electrical grounding is and show you the effective ways for an effective electrical grounding.

noise risk assessment photo

Workplace noise risk assessment template

Noise risk assessment is an indispensable practice to protect workers from noise at the workplace. On the other hand, noise is an occupational hazard that can be seen in our everyday lives but is more significant in specific environments for instant workplaces. So, this article will examine what a noise risk assessment is about and show us the benefits of conducting one.

personal fall arrest system pfas photo

Components of a Personal Fall Arrest System PFAS 

PFAS is mainly used where a worker works above 6 ft or 1.8 m. Now, it is the responsibility of the management of a company to make provisions for the personal fall arrest system PFAS. It is not the duty of the workers to make this provision for themselves; under the law, the employer provides the necessary PPE that the workers can use at work, including the PFAS.