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Five steps to reduce mining site work accidents in Australia 

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Australian mining boosts the economy of the country. The mining industry in Australia produces more than 19 minerals in significant amounts from over 350 operating mines. The minerals include Bauxite, Iron-ore, rare earth elements, Uranium, Zinc etc. The places mining occurs in Australia in the Northern Territory and Christmas Island. 

In all these, mining site activities can expose workers to hazards that can cause harm to them. 

This article will discuss five steps to reducing mining site work accidents in Australia. 

1. Identifying hazards in the mining site.

It is good that you identify where possible hazards associated with mining activities can emanate. Those potential danger points include pit wall failures, rock Falls, run-way vehicles, heavy equipment, fall arrest systems, electrical contact etc.

2. Create a safe work procedure. 

Most accidents occur on a mining site because safe work procedures are insufficient or not followed adequately. All work activities should have a current safe work procedure to help engage the miners in safe work-when miners do not follow safe work procedures, problems and confusion may arise among the workers. 

3. Training. 

Provide adequate training for workers and supervisors in the mining project. The newly employed workers are prone to accidents as they are inexperienced on the job. So most times, adequate training closes such gaps. Proper training will help the workers to execute their roles, give them more ways to protect themselves while working, raises the quality of work and encourage WorkSafe behaviours for workers. 

4. Create an emergency plan.

An emergency plan will benefit the miners at work. The miners will be in the know of the procedure and what to do during any emergency. A well-written emergency plan will outline what to do when there is an emergency plan. It should be visible for everyone to read at all times. 

5. Conduct regular safety audits. 

Regular safety audits will help reduce things not done right at the mining site. An audit will help to ensure that miners follow corrective actions effectively.

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