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Toolbox talk on working /walking around moving equipment and vehicles.

working and walking around equipment and vehicle toolbox talk

Toolbox talk on working and walking around moving equipment and vehicles.

Working around equipment can lead to accidents if the employees do not take adequate measures to protect themselves in that area. In the construction industry, working around moving equipment can lead to being struck by objects. Struck by the object has been the leading cause of employee deaths in the construction industry. Not observing a vehicle’s safety increases the risk of an employee being struck by moving equipment or machinery.

Things to do on-site to protect yourself when working and walking around equipment and vehicles.

  • Ensure that you drive on roads meant for the equipment to take 
  • Maintain speed limits for equipment and vehicles at all times
  • Ensure there is a pedestrian walkway to create a safe path for pedestrians 
  • Barricade the areas during lifting to prevent unauthorized access and help create an exclusion zone free of hazards. 
  • Inspect all equipment and vehicle daily before use on site.
  • Whenever there is an obstruction of the driver’s view, avoid driving any vehicle or equipment. Such obstruction can lead to the collision of the equipment with pedestrians.
  • Endeavour to use traffic signages and barricades when working in public areas using your vehicle and equipment.  
  • Park all equipment and vehicle securely by engaging the brake and chocking the wheels. 
  • Know when to use a banksman or a flagman during vehicular or equipment operation. 
  • Always use competent drivers and operators and have a schedule for their retraining. 
  • Wear reflective clothing when working or walking near vehicles or equipment.

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