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Things you need to know about the BCSP Board of certified safety professionals 

certified safety professional

Things you need to know about the BCSP Board of certified safety professionals.

Bcsp means the Board of certified safety professionals. Bcsp is a not-for-profit corporation with headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

They started in 1969 and have been responsible for the safety credentialing of people. They inspire and develop leaders in health, safety and the environment. With their activities, good safety practice has been achieved by safety practitioners through maintaining quality accreditated certifications.

What is bcsp mission?

Bcsp’s mission is to inspire and develop safety leaders through their various accreditation certifications.

What are Bcsp’s vision and core values?

A safer world through safety and health leadership, and they have core values of respect, creating a positive culture, serving as leaders and protecting others from harm. 

Certifications you can do in Bcsp.

  • Certified safety professionals (CSP)
  • Safety management specialist (Sms)
  • Associate safety professionals (Asp)
  • Occupational hygiene and safety technician (Ohst)
  • Construction health and safety technician (Chst)
  • Safety-trained supervisor (Sts)
  • Safety-trained supervisor construction (Stsc)
  • Certified instructional trainer (Cit)

These certifications can help you increase your influence while rewarding you with the respect you deserve as a safety leader. 

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