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Halloween safety tips for adults and kids that you should know

Halloween celebration nights come with their own safety risk. And that’s why it’s expedient to arm yourself with the necessary information to prevent the danger from causing harm to you or anyone related to you.

Read more on the Halloween safety tips article to stay on top of the situation and enjoy a Halloween celebration free of harm or injury.

7 Benefits of consulting with employees in matters relating to health and safety

With the advent of ISO 45001:2018 which place more attention on consultation with employees on health and safety matters, Aside from other responsibilities, The employers stand to benefit more when consulting with employees in their daily work activities. Read the article and see the seven benefits from worker consultation.

Tips on writing a great minute during the safety and health meeting

For most times, having a well-crafted safety and health meeting minute is as important to have a great safety success on site. Well, Minutes serving as a record for resolutions and action points from a meeting will go along way to ensure that safety measures are put in place to promote a healthy workplace. And for these, the right tips on how to write a safety and health meeting minutes is of utmost importance.

8 Reasons Why accident and Incident Investigation is important in the Workplace

Accident and incident investigation in the workplace is an important legal requirement. And equally, an ISO 45001:2018 requirement for an employer to carry out an investigation when an incident happens. The Constituted investigation team ensures that the cause of the incident or the accident is determined, and proffers measures to prevent any future recurrence.

19 Things Employers Can Do To Protect The Employees Against Covid-19 Pandemic In A Workplace.

Covid-19 pandemic has become a global threat since it started in Wuhan, China in December 2019. And since then, the world’s global economy and trade are disrupted. And this effect spiraled into our workplaces. We now have absenteeism and fear from the workers due to lockdown and fear of contracting the disease. However, the employers still have a greater role to play against the Covid-19 pandemic if the employees will remain at work. I’ve given out 19 things for employers to do to protect the workers while at work.

few tips to keep in mind when conducting a toolbox talk

Toolbox talks are safety presentations done on-site before the start of any work in the morning or start of any work shift. It could be called a tailgate meeting or a safety brief.

Normally, the presentation should be less than 10 minutes.

The talk highlights the job to be done, the hazards associated with the job and the safety precautions to be followed to prevent harm and ensure that the workers work safely on the job.

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