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Halloween safety tips for adults and kids that you should know

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Halloween safety tips for adults and kids.

Halloween celebration always comes with safety risks. Even with this, the thought of safety around Halloween has been the least on people’s minds, as they’ll be busy having fun, partying and celebrating the event. 

However, Halloween night has recorded more deaths of child pedestrians than any night of the year. 

Some parents are so afraid of the ugly statistics of these sad events emanating from Halloween. Those events include deaths, abductions and vehicles hitting pedestrians.

But on the general outlook, there are fears of dangerous events happening on Halloween, but you can manage those fears so that it doesn’t prevent the enjoyment mood of Halloween. And don’t neglect safety precautions because it’ll yield a safe and happy Halloween free from accidents and injury. 

Below are the Halloween safety tips you can do to prevent accidents from happening around you.

Halloween safety tips for adults and kids that you should know

1. Supervision.

Ensure that you supervise all children around you at those times. Leaving them on their own may cause harm to them. During their tricks or treats, an adult should accompany them.

2. Ensure that your kids memorise 911.

Teach your kids to memorise 911 and to call the number in case of any emergency during those periods. Their ability to call 911 when emergencies happen may be their saving grace.

3. Watch out for dangerous paints.

Paints used for decoration and painting of the face of kids can be dangerous to them when inhaled. Ensure you know what is in your kid’s faces. Know the type of paints they are using for them.

4. Avoid wearing a mask.

Don’t allow your kids to wear masks. Mask can reduce the ability to breathe and can lead to suffocation or obstructed vision. If they wear a mask, ensure they take it off intermittently to enable their breathing and to see clearly.

5. Avoid alcohol.

Whenever you’re drunk, don’t engage in driving. Being drunk and driving is the fastest way to have a road accident. Being drunk impairs your vision, energy and sense of reasoning while at the wheel.

6. Wear bright colours.

Wear colours that can easily make you visible during the night hours. If possible, wear clothes that have reflective tape on them. With this, you’ll be visible to vehicles and drivers.

7. Be alert on the wheel.

When driving, there could be pedestrian children on the walkways or crossing the road. Be alert to avoid hitting them or coming in contact with them. If you’re out with your kids, ensure that the road they’re passing is clear enough for them. Ensure that you use the crosswalks at all times.

8. Lights on

Kids should trick or treat in places or homes where there is light. 

They should avoid dark places. Trick or treat is an activity where children knock on the doors of houses on Halloween night and shout trick or treat. If the person that answers does not give the children a treat, like sweets or candy, they’ll play a trick on the person. Don’t do treats or tricks alone.

9. Stranger danger.

Kids should not be allowed to go into a stranger’s home. It could harbour a safety risk for them because they are unfamiliar with the house.

10. Pet problems.

Watch out for animals because they may pose problems during Halloween. They may even be confused by the happenings around making them act aggressively. 

Final thoughts on Halloween safety tips for adults and kids

Safety tips anywhere serve as a prevention against harm. Applying the above safety tips on Halloween will protect you and your loved ones from danger. But then, it’s not all you should do. However, make it a duty to read more blogs on Halloween safety to be well-equipped properly. I wish you a Halloween-safe night’s celebration.

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