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What are Industrial safety equipment

Industrial safety equipment is equipment in use in our workplaces that aids in reducing the risk of harm or accident occurring in the workplace. They are mostly used in construction, mining, and healthcare settings. Personal protective equipment is mainly worn and attached to the individual body. Other equipment is also fire equipment. Though they are not worn on the body, they help to ensure that humans are protected and rescued properly in an emergency. Such equipment includes Emergency Evacuation equipment and fire safety equipment

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How do you find and apply for an EHS scholarship

How do you find and apply for an EHS scholarship? In this world that we are in, EHS professionals have many roles to play; most especially, they have a vital role in preventing accidents or incidents in the environment. With an EHS scholarship, a professional… Read More »How do you find and apply for an EHS scholarship

safety officer and health officer duties

Safety officer 40 Duties in a workplace

Safety and health officer has enormous duties in the workplace. Their roles and responsibilities varies from organization to organization. The legal requirement says that every company that has more than five employees will have a safety officer in charge of safety affairs in that company. In this article, I will list out the significant duties of a Safety Officer.This will help to guide you through your work as a safety officer or during a safety officer job interview.

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5 reasons why your Company Should Invest in Security Certification

Investing in security certification is crucial for companies as it helps manage risk, ensuring safe and efficient operations. Key advantages include adherence to best practices, compliance with laws, fulfilling supplier obligations, and boosting customer confidence. Certifications such as ISO 27001 demonstrate a company’s commitment to protecting sensitive information, inevitably enhancing the way they conduct business.

incident investigation questions why what where how when

The Key 5 Questions to ask during an incident investigation

Incident investigation at the workplace is a structured activity carried out by responsible persons to get to the root cause of an incident. More so, It unravels the mystery behind every incident at the workplace. 

An incident investigator uses a sequence of questions to unravel the causes of the incident. The right question structure helps to arrive at the root cause. 

So, to get to the root cause, the incident investigator should ask the following questions during the investigation and is more likely than ever to get to the fact of the incident.

principles of auditing management system auditing

6 principles of auditing every management system auditor should apply when carrying out auditing. 

The six key principles every management system auditor should apply during an audit are; Integrity, which is the core of auditing professionalism; Fair presentation, highlighting the necessity of truth and accuracy in reportage; Confidentiality, emphasizing the importance of maintaining secure information; Due professional care, encouraging sound judgments; Independence, facilitating impartiality and objectivity; and an Evidence-based approach, focusing on verifiable samples of information. These principles are founded on Clauses 5 to 7 of the ISO 19011:2011 Guidelines for auditing management systems.

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8 reasons why you need a security education and awareness in this period

  With the news of insecurity ranging from internet hacking to robbery and others, we need knowledge of security education and awareness in our lives and at work.  Release of confidential information to the public is on the rise, sometimes through security breaches or theft.… Read More »8 reasons why you need a security education and awareness in this period

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What is a Safe Working Load (SWL)?

The Safe Working Load (SWL) is a crucial safety measure representing the maximum force that lifting equipment can exert without breaking. This load is computable through the equation SWL = Minimum breaking load (MBL) / Safety Factor (SF). SWL is now replaced by the term Working Load Limit (WLL) in most standards due to specificity issues. The manufacturing firm of lifting equipment sets and advises on the maximum load capacity of the said equipment.

safety officer interview question

Safety officer interview question: The 6 skills your interviewer may want to hear from you. 

Safety officer interview question: The skills your interviewer may want to hear from you.  What skills and abilities do you have as a safety officer? During your safety officer job interview, your interviewer may likely ask you this kind of question above. However, In this… Read More »Safety officer interview question: The 6 skills your interviewer may want to hear from you. 

responsibilities and duties of health and safety supervisor

What are the responsibilities of safety supervisors

A safety supervisor, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, holds responsibility for the safety of a workspace and its workers. Apart from assigning tasks, this role involves ensuring all areas of the worksite are safe for all personnel. Their duties include enforcing safety systems, conducting safety meetings and audits, reporting health issues of employees to management, conducting on-the-job safety training, and ensuring compliance with health and safety requirements of the organization.

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What are the effects of an accident on the life of an employee?

Accidents effects on the life of an employee. The accident is unplanned, unwanted and unforeseen circumstances that cause harm and damage to people, machines, the environment and the reputation.  When an accident happens, there will always be an effect attached to it. No matter how… Read More »What are the effects of an accident on the life of an employee?

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audit team members

key responsibilities of audit team members

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES OF AUDIT TEAM MEMBERS  An audit team exists whenever there is an audit in an organization. They are composed of a lead auditor, auditor, trainee auditor, technical expert, observer, guide, and client. For an internal audit, you may not need all these members,… Read More »key responsibilities of audit team members

unsafe act unsafe condition toolbox talk

Toolbox talks on unsafe acts and unsafe condition

Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions in the workplace can lead to injuries and accidents. Over 70% of these are caused by human behavior, such as horseplay, poor hygiene, complacency, and use of damaged or inappropriate personal protective equipment. Unsafe conditions include unstable work areas, overloaded electrical sockets, poor sanitary conditions, and defective equipment. Ensuring safety involves supervision, correction of hazards, reporting unsafe practices, and educating workers about their impacts.

Workplace stress image

Mastering stress management in a workplace: 6 Ways to effectively manage stress in a workplace

In the workplace, stress is inevitable. Employees must meet deadlines, may engage in interpersonal conflict, and meet the increasing work demands. In all this, stress can take a toll on people’s mental and physical health. When people are exposed to prolonged stress, it can easily lead to burnout and reduced productivity. It may likely lead to various health issues such as anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

health and safety manager role ethiopia PHOTO

HSE Manager role in Ethiopia

JOB ROLE: Health and Safety Manager role in Ethiopia LOCATION: Ethiopia COMPANY:  WEBUILD ABOUT THE HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGER ROLE Webuild is hiring an HSE Manager for a project in Ethiopia. Responsibilities for the health and safety manager role: The HSE Manager will guarantee, for the… Read More »HSE Manager role in Ethiopia

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Health and Safety manager role Germany

At Vantage Towers, we’re on a mission to power Europe’s sustainable digital transformation. As a leading tower company, we’re ushering in an era of technology-driven advances to help connect people, businesses, and internet-enabled devices like never before. We combine our tower network’s scale, stability, and quality with start-up agility, optimism, and energy


QHSE Engineer role in Maynooth Ireland

You will join one of the world’s leading suppliers of semiconductor production equipment, where you’ll manage and coordinate QHSE activities and ensure compliance and safety across the region.

This company is at the forefront of clean energy and high-tech manufacturing and is forging the future with breakthrough technology, uniting innovation and sustainability.

custom outdoor signs

The Importance of Custom Outdoor Signs for Brand Visibility: A Marketing Perspective

Custom outdoor signs are a powerful marketing tool for enhancing brand visibility and driving consumer engagement. By capturing attention, building brand recognition, improving credibility, guiding customer experience, differentiating from competitors, driving foot traffic, and adapting to changing needs, outdoor signage plays a multifaceted role in a brand’s overall marketing strategy.

CRM Software The Future of Client management

The Future of Client Management: Innovations in Client Tracking Software

The landscape of client management is undergoing a significant transformation. In today’s digital age, businesses constantly seek ways to streamline workflows, personalize interactions, and build stronger client relationships. Client tracking software, often called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, is pivotal in achieving these goals. But what does the future hold for this vital technology? Let’s explore the exciting realm of innovations that will redefine client management

Reasons Why You Should Choose an Online MBA in India Image

10 Reasons why you should choose online MBA in India

In online MBA, students from across the country pursue the course, offering vast networking opportunities. You can build a robust relationship with your classmates, seniors, teachers, and alumni during the course. Numerous colleges conduct online sessions, webinars, and seminars to offer networking opportunities

When is the best time to treat neck pain in gurgaon image

When Is the Best Time to Treat Neck Pain in Gurgaon?

While neck pain is often manageable with home remedies and medication, there are times when you may need the best neck pain treatment in Gurgaon, provided by physiotherapists and medical professionals. This post explores when you should seek medical help for your neck pain to avoid any more complications.