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SECURITY CATEGORY PHOTOWelcome to the security category of the HSE blog. This section is mainly about security topics and blogs. Security is an integral complement to health and Safety and protects employees and employers in their day-to-day running of the business. It also protects the assets and the overall well-being of an organisation.

This category will focus more on blogging the following.

  • The security in our workplace. 
  • The articles on strategies that protect individuals and organisations against theft and violence.
  • Topics about preventing accidents which may arise as a result of breaches
  • Various access control systems within the workplace and how they enhance safety
  • Blogs on the role of surveillance cameras in monitoring the environment and their importance
  • The blogs on security personnel, organisations and their roles in responding to breaches
  • The blogs on cybersecurity and measures it can give to protect against data breaches.
  • The articles on emergency response procedures and how to address various emergency scenarios from causing any issues in the environment

Finally, security is an integral part of health and Safety. It fosters the well-being of the people and ultimately contributes to a safer environment.

Measures to keep your business safe photo

The 5 measures you can take to keep your business safe

The first thing you should do is install and deploy antivirus software on all your devices. Regularly prioritize and protect the devices you log on to the internet- your phones, tablets and computers. Antiviruses are cheap protocols that protect your devices against malicious programs. Malicious programs are viruses or worms that can extract or infect your information through your devices to damage your data. There are Free versions of antivirus you can install on your device. Those free versions will not give you complete protection like the paid versions. 

How to improve campus security and safety photo

How to improve campus security and safety

Campus security and safety refers to the various measures in place to ensure the safety of the students, the staff and the visitors. The measures go a long way to prevent criminal activities and ensure the general welfare of everyone. Campus security and safety encourage a peaceful environment where everyone is at peace and safe in school at the same time.

Why Invest in Security Certification photo

5 reasons why your Company Should Invest in Security Certification

Investing in security certification is crucial for companies as it helps manage risk, ensuring safe and efficient operations. Key advantages include adherence to best practices, compliance with laws, fulfilling supplier obligations, and boosting customer confidence. Certifications such as ISO 27001 demonstrate a company’s commitment to protecting sensitive information, inevitably enhancing the way they conduct business.

Crucial Factors Every Business Owner Must Assess Before Investing in a Security System photo

7 Crucial Factors Every Business Owner Must Assess Before Investing in a Security System.

The blog post outlines seven vital factors a business owner should examine before investing in a security system. Factors include business location, affordability of the system, building structure, employee behavior, the possibility of lower insurance premiums, remote monitoring capabilities, and the presence of sensitive information or valuables in the business. These factors can ensure that the system provides optimal security without exceeding budget constraints.

security education and awareness photo

8 reasons why you need a security education and awareness in this period

  With the news of insecurity ranging from internet hacking to robbery and others, we need knowledge of security education and awareness in our lives and at work.  Release of confidential information to the public is on the rise, sometimes through security breaches or theft.… Read More »8 reasons why you need a security education and awareness in this period

Lagos Neighborhood Safety Corps (LNSC) Photo

Do you know about Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC)?

The Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) is a uniformed organisation formed by the Lagos state government of Nigeria solely to fight crime and other vices that affect the safety of the masses. They assist the police and other security agencies in their functions effectively.  When… Read More »Do you know about Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC)?