Toolbox talk on horseplay at work

horseplay at work toolbox talk

horseplay at work toolbox talk

Horseplay at work can cause problems for workers on-site or at the office. Horseplay is a rough play in which people behave in a silly way. They hit and push each other when they engage in horseplay. 

Things horseplay can cause at the workplace.

  • Horseplay can make a worker not concentrate on his work, and the person involved is fooling around at work.
  • Horseplay can cause accidents when you direct such to people. Since they are not expecting the distraction, it could easily make them fall into a moving machine part or slip on the floor. 
  • Horseplay can make you have less concentration on the safe work procedure, hence exposing you to hazards that can cause injuries. 
  • Horseplays are unsafe acts. Unsafe acts are among the cause of accidents in the workplace.

What can you do to prevent or control horseplay at work?

  • Ensure that all employees follow the safety rules in place in the office. If there are no existing rules, you should create one and disseminate the information to all employees.
  • Avoid throwing tools at the workplace.
  • Avoid playing with your PPE at any time during your work. Doing this may expose you or another to injury or harm.
  • Avoid overspeeding with moving equipment for this may collide with workers in the environment. 
  • Avoid running around with a hand truck. Move it in the best safer way. Running around with a hand truck could spill a load on someone. 

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