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Benefits of ISO 14001-5 key benefits on why we have ISO 14001:2015

benefits of ems

The benefits of an environmental management system( ISO 14001: 2015 ) are enormous. In this article, I will tell you the benefits of ISO 14001.

Most times, we are confronted with reasons why we are implementing ISO 14001. Some employees and other professionals who are not familiar with this requirement will always ask, why do we implement this requirement?

These employees probably have seen items about the environmental management system on notice boards or some documents, but they cannot figure out the benefits.

Apart from the fact that it improves the environment which is a well-known benefit, Some of them will like to know more about the benefits.

Helping these people understand it can go a long way to ensuring the effective implementation of such a requirement in the company. These are just a few of the benefits they need to know about.

1. Compliance with legal requirements.

One of the greatest benefits that you can get from implementing ISO 14001 is its provision with a structure for identifying, monitoring and complying with the various environmental requirements. The system can help you to maintain compliance.

You may have tried to follow all applicable laws in the process of establishing the system and during the implementation of the system. It will tell people that your company cares a lot about the environment. They will see that you have a proven framework for complying with legal and contractual requirements as regards the environment

 2. Reduction in cost.

The fact is, every company wants to reduce costs. Now the question is how will the environmental management system contribute to cost reduction?

The system can help to identify environmental incidents.

And it can also help to control and reduce those incidents in such a way that costs from fines, cleanups, and reparations are reduced. The improvement aspect of the system can help to reduce the company’s cost of raw materials and the conservation of energy in the work process.

3. Improve the image and credibility of the company.

Certifications to EMS are most times a requirement during contracts or tender applications for a job. So it is an obvious benefit to the company if they have it.

Some interested parties, very often your customers, neighbours, or community will be interested in how you care about the environment on the products and services you render.

And the availability of these EMS In place will boost the image of your company to the public.

One way to tell all of these people about your commitment to managing your environmental impacts is to have a functional and demonstrable environmental management system that identifies and controls these impacts.

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 4. A higher rate of success when implementing changes.

When implementing changes using the EMS will help to fast-track success. This is because accurate and good data is required when working with the EMS.

When you are trying to put an improvement in place. You increase the chances by tracking the improvement through your previous data collection. Even when you are encountering problems, you can easily correct them and move faster. This can save further time and money.

 5. There is a reduction in employee turnover.

Employee turnover indicates the number or percentage of workers who leave a company and eventual replacement by new employees. Most people will prefer to work with a company that cares more about the environment and its workers. Most likely not to work with the one who doesn’t care more.

Also, there is a cost reduction since workers do not leave the company most time. It is less expensive to maintain them. Hiring and training new employees is very expensive. So, every dollar spent on helping employees to become more engaged is worth more in savings for the training and recruitment department.

Consequently, the main reason to implement an environmental management system using the ISO 14001 requirements is to help bring less of a negative impact on the environment. And some of the benefits can have long-term advantages.

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