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Safety officer interview question: The 6 skills your interviewer may want to hear from you. 

safety officer interview question

Safety officer interview question: The skills your interviewer may want to hear from you. 

What skills and abilities do you have as a safety officer?

During your safety officer job interview, your interviewer may likely ask you this kind of question above.

However, In this post, you will learn the skills you need to have and master them for yourself to get employment.

A safety officer should have the abilities and skills to perform the job professionally-These skills you have here will help you ace this question when it comes up in the interview. 

Skills and abilities of a safety officer                                                   

#1.Deep understanding of safety laws and standards.

A safety officer needs a deep knowledge of applicable safety laws and how to apply them and to work with the laws in the discharge of duties.

We have many laws ranging from country to county. 

For example, in the United Kingdom, We have the HASAWA 1974, health and safety at work act. 

The United States of America have the OSHA, Occupational safety and health administration standard. 

In countries like Nigeria, we have the factory act 2004 and other relevant laws relating to the health and safety of the workplace.

#2.Communication skills.

No one can do without communication skills as a safety officer.

You will need to communicate at all times to ensure effectiveness in your work.

Getting a communication skill will be a skill you must not play with because your efficiency will be on how well you communicate effectively in getting things done.

No one avoids speaking clearly and concisely at any given time in the workplace.

#3.Problem-solving skills.

Problem-solving skills are a skill every safety officer must aspire to get. Being analytical as a safety officer will help you to solve a problem effectively.

Elimination of hazards involves a lot of problem-solving skills. 

When a worker can respond to issues, risks, and hazards, the worker will always stand out at work.

#4.Interpersonal relationship-building qualities

The relationship is the real deal. A lot can be achieved when you know relationship skills and master them.

A safety officer has to maintain a relationship with the senior management team, workers, contractors and suppliers. Build relationships across the company. 

With this, a safety culture built on relationships can stay for a long time.

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#5.Risk assessment process skills.

We have a five-step approach to the risk assessment process. the safety officers must be conversant with the step and should even memorise them for themselves.

The safety officer should be able to know how to conduct a risk assessment and even produce a document at the end of the day. If you know something, you can as well be able to use it. So, extend it to risk assessment. Workers with you should be able to learn the risk assessment through you. 

#6.Computer literate.

Knowledge of computer skills is essential for every safety officer. Safety job will expose you to make use of Microsoft word, excel, power point and the use of emails for communication.

Being literate in this area will stand you out and makes you take responsibility with confidence.

More so, some of your time will be spent on recording, sharing and disseminating information through the use of online means,

Conclusion-safety officer interview questions on skills and abilities. 

Knowing the above skills and abilities will help you to ace your interview and even help you to become a better safety officer. 

After your employment, the company will be glad they made the right choice because you’ll start contributing from day one. 

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