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How do you find and apply for an EHS scholarship

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How do you find and apply for an EHS scholarship?

In this world that we are in, EHS professionals have many roles to play; most especially, they have a vital role in preventing accidents or incidents in the environment. With an EHS scholarship, a professional can get an opportunity to get more education at a free or even a cheaper rate. So, in this article, we will shed more light on how professionals can get a scholarship and what the person needs to do when applying for the scholarship.

What are environmental health and safety (EHS)?

Ehs, as the name implies, deals with environmental health and safety. Its main aim is to protect human health and the environment. Ehs professionals play a vital role in creating a sustainable, safe, and secure environment.

Growing demand for ehs professional.

Currently, there is a growing demand for EHS professionals to work in various organizations all over the world. Most Industries are seeking for them to work with them. An experienced EHS professional is in high demand, and having experience involves skills, knowledge, and expertise in the job.

Challenges of EHS Education

Sometimes, pursuing education can be daunting because of the high cost of such an education, and this often puts a barrier for some persons to get that quality education; in most universities, tuition is very high, with other related expenses. In some places, quality schools will be less available for someone to pursue their dreams of contributing to Environmental health and safety.

Role of Ehs scholarship

EHS scholarship plays a crucial role in assisting persons who want to do EHS education at a free cost, which, in turn, helps break down their financial barriers. This scholarship empowers deserving individuals to pursue their dreams.

On the other hand, an EHS scholarship offers you an opportunity to get a quality education at a deserving and reputable school or institution that ordinally might be outside the reach of some persons.

Types of EHS scholarship.

We have different types of scholarships that someone can apply for, and they are grouped under merit-based, need-based, and industry-specific scholarships. 

1.Merit-based scholarships

These scholarships reward academic performance and the student’s capability. A lot of factors also that they considered scholarships, such as this student’s CGPA, their leadership skills, and other extracurricular activities they have engaged in while in school.

2.Need-based scholarship

This scholarship is always based on the needs of the student involved. Those students may be facing economic hardship, so they were given priority to such a scholarship. They do this to ensure that economic or financial constraints do not disallow them from pursuing their passion.

3.Industry-specific scholarships

This scholarship takes a look at a specific area in the profession. It could be an area that most people are not venturing into, so this scholarship will be for people to get into those areas, or it could be areas where there is high demand for professionals, but at the moment, there are few.

How to apply for an EHS scholarship and the requirements

For someone to apply for this scholarship, the base requirements have always been your academic performance, genuine interest in studying in that field, and evidence of your positive impact on environmental health and safety. Most times, it is always advisable that ehs professionals Showcase their passion in the areas of ehs by highlighting their experiences and their contributions to the field, and this will increase their chances of being selected for a scholarship,

Impact of ehs scholarships on careers.

Undoubtedly, this scholarship improves people’s careers because education always sets someone higher above others. The EHS scholarships tend to build safety leaders over the years. The scholarship recipients became well exposed during their internship and research opportunities.


The Ehs scholarship always helps bridge the industry gap; as you can see, the industry is still evolving, and there is a need for skilled professionals. An EHS professional with quality education and experience will serve in that capacity to bridge the skill gap and ensure the highest standard of environmental health and safety.

How to find and apply for EHS scholarships?

There are ways to go about this if you are looking for and applying for an EHS opportunity.

1. Online platforms.

There are numerous online platforms and databases that you can access for an Ehs scholarship. You go online and search for them.

2. Professional associations.

The scholarship is one of the reasons why people join professional associations because there is room for EHS scholarships. When you join, you build community connections, attend industry events, and become active. If there is any opportunity for a scholarship, people can instantly refer you to it because of your activeness.

3. Do your research carefully.

Engage in researching scholarship opportunities around you. Look out for the Universities, colleges, and government agencies offering environmental health and safety scholarships. Sometimes, these organizations have a passion for this. Check out their website and browse other websites, such as College Board.

4. Consult academic institutions.

You may have to consult the academic institution where you intend to study and inquire whether any ehs scholarship program is offered.

5. EHS Professional Organisation

We have various professional organizations; some offer scholarships from time to time. Always remember to ask for their scholarship offers. Some of these professional organizations are ASSP, IOSH, NEHA, etc.

6. Government programs

Check for government programs on scholarship and check if there is room for EHS programs because some government agencies may have funding available for students pursuing careers in those Fields.

7. Meet the application requirements

EHS scholarship often comes with an application requirement, which will make you eligible or not. It is always advisable that you read the application requirements so that you know how to go about it. Read it carefully. Most times, they will be asking for academic achievements, letters of recommendation, essays, and proof of enrollment in an environmental health and safety program. Make sure that you arrange these documents in order before application.

8. Put up a strong application.

If your application needs to be stronger, you may not be qualified or shortlisted for the scholarships. So, when applying, you must highlight your academic achievements relevant to those experiences and your passion for this profession.

Sometimes, all applications are different, so you must tell your application to suit that particular application. Always be aware of the application lines so you can take advantage of them along the way.

9. Seek for guidance

Through your application time, you have to ask people around you who have succeeded in that scholarship you are praying for to give you some tips that will make you shortlisted. Other people, such as professionals and mentors, can also guide you and give you a seamless application process.


Ehs scholarships have a lot of benefits and are very important in bridging the gap between professionals in the field. Nothing empowers more than the education and policy Education Network this EHS scholarship gives. It enables an individual and praises the vital role in shaping the future of the EHS.


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