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Toolbox talk on Equipment Rollover

toolbox talk equipment roll over

Toolbox talk on Equipment Rollover

Equipment rollover can happen on a site under extreme conditions. The conditions that necessitate tipping over of equipment include,

  • When you are using the equipment at a very high speed
  •  When the equipment is working on an unstable surface
  •  When equipment is going through a slope
  • Inexperienced operators can cause equipment rollover.

 It is always good at workplaces to put in measures to employ experienced operators and equally have a routine training program to keep their workers abreast of the information needed for their effectiveness.

What are you to do to ensure the prevention of equipment rollover on-site?

  •  Ensure that all mobile equipment is fixed with roll-over protective structure ROPS. ROPS will help to protect the operator in the event of overturn. 
  •  Operators should engage their seatbelts when they are operating the equipment. 
  • Ensure that you don’t drive the equipment close to the road edges.
  • When you notice that a piece of equipment is about to tip over, don’t mount it to operate such equipment.
  • Don’t park closer to the edges of the slope. 
  • Do not allow untrained personnel to operate any equipment. 
  • Check the ground conditions before you operate the equipment.
  • Do not operate the equipment on steep slopes. Steep slopes may likely cause the tipping of the equipment.
  • Ensure that the booms and the buckets are lowered during any movement of the equipment. Doing this will make the tipping over less likely. 
  • The operator must remain in the Rollover protective structure ( ROPS) whenever there is a rollover.
  •  Ensure that you work with precaution in those areas where there is a likelihood of overturning of equipment like hilly areas.
  •  Do not jump away in any overturning event, as ROP may crush on the individual. 
  •  The operator should not drive equipment in ways it was not designed for else the equipment may roll over.
  •  Know that ROPS- rollover protective structure does not prevent rollover, therefore, take appropriate control measures when using mobile equipment. 
  •  Do not engage any moving equipment at high speed. Tipping or toppling of the equipment may happen. 

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