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What are the effects of an accident on the life of an employee?

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Accidents effects on the life of an employee.

The accident is unplanned, unwanted and unforeseen circumstances that cause harm and damage to people, machines, the environment and the reputation. 

When an accident happens, there will always be an effect attached to it. No matter how negligible the accident may look.

Accidents cost money. If the accident involves Injury, no one enjoys having an injury. Injuries are painful and often cause hardship.

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3 thoughts on “What are the effects of an accident on the life of an employee?”

  1. Accidents are everywhere, but we can do preventions to avoid them. Companies and employees should practice safety precautions to prevent accidents and to have a safe workplace.

    1. Safety precautions is the key word here. without that, the companies and employees are helpless at accidents

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