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Teamwork involves when people come together to work for a common goal. Common goals may be to achieve a particular activity or engage in a task to get a result. Or have a defined outcome. 

For some people, TEAM means Together everyone achieves more. And equally a natural gift for some people. Working together as a team has a lot of benefits. For example,

  • It reduces the workload and spreads it across different workers.
  • The speed of the work increases as many people work together for a common goal.
  • It increases effectiveness as more people familiarise themselves and build more trust when working as a team. 
  • There is a reduction in injury when two or more come together to assist each other for a common goal.
  • It discourages a lone worker arrangement which is more prone to the risk of harm.

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Teamwork: how do we encourage teamwork at the site today?

  • Know workers’ strengths and weaknesses before assigning them together as a team.
  • Have a clear defined role and responsibility for the team member. And ensure you assign them roles they’ll perform well. 
  • Assign two or more people for a task at all times.
  • Have many teams for different tasks and give them a timeline to finish their job. 
  • Ensure you define the goal clearly to the team and communicate a definite outcome or output for them.
  • Ensure the team members are compatible enough to work together to increase bonding. 
  • Encourage frequent communication among the team.
  • Allow the team to make their own decisions as long as it’s safe and better in the long run.
  • Make team meetings to be focused, timely and useful to yield great results. 


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