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A Scaffold-what you need to know on it briefly.

Workers are killed most often when working at height. They make use of ladders for jobs that require a scaffold. With scaffolds, such deaths are averted and the work is done safely. Scaffolds provide access to the workplace.When you are to work at a height or an elevating level beyond the reach of normal human height.

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Three fire key elements.

Fire is a commodity that is sold in the olden days. People buy fire locally from burning charcoal.This was because the things used to produce fire is very scarce. So when a fire is created, the owner preserve it in an enclosure to ensure it continues to burn gradually for a very long time. Sometimes they have to strike two stones to produce fire due to friction.

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Safety officer 40 Duties in a workplace

Safety and health officer has enormous duties in the workplace. Their roles and responsibilities varies from organization to organization. The legal requirement says that every company that has more than five employees will have a safety officer in charge of safety affairs in that company. In this article, I will list out the significant duties of a Safety Officer.This will help to guide you through your work as a safety officer or during a safety officer job interview.

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Permit to work procedure

Permit to work system is a management system. This management system makes use of permits to work. The permit to work is a formal document detailing the type of work to be done. The hazards of the work and the precautions to be taken to prevent the hazard from causing harm or damage to people and equipment.

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Stress is not right for you

A stressed person is more prone to insomnia, hypertension, and depression than a non-stressed person.
Stress causes are demands at work, loss of a beloved, financial pressure, family and children, termination of appointment. Certain life events that put high demands on someone such as marriage, buying a house and convocation.

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Depression is simply a state of sadness and hopelessness. It can also be a psychiatric disorder in which symptoms such as constant feelings of bleakness, sadness, lack of drive, insomnia, and occasionally, suicidal inclination.

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