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Where is the best place for a muster point?

muster point area safety

Where is the best place for a muster point?

A muster point is a meeting place for personnel to gather for possible evacuation during an emergency. In some places, they have multiple muster points for personnel to assemble without difficulty. Muster points offer a safe area for people away from the incidence area.

What happens at the muster point?

  • People assemble at the muster point during an emergency.
  • There is always a headcount at the muster point to check if there is a need for rescue. The rescue team can work with the attendance list to rescue any trapped victims. 
  • Easy evacuation of personnel happens at the muster point.

Where is the best place for a muster point?

Taking the time to determine a proper location for the muster point will help to save lives whenever an emergency strikes. Below are what to consider the best place for muster points.

#1.Must be at a safe distance.

It should be at a safe distance, away from your work area or your office surrounding. When it is at a safe distance, it will help to keep people from being hurt by flying debris or fire and equally give first responders room to operate safely.

#2. Enough Space.

Muster points must have enough space to contain your workers or your entire workforce with the visitors and contractors. Companies with multiple facilities and many workforces may consider having more than one muster point for easy and fast evacuations.

#3. Easy access. 

All your workforce should be able to access the muster point, the pregnant women and the physically challenged. However, even if you do not have people with disability working with you. You still have to factor that in mind while creating the muster point.

#4. The muster point has to be in safe surroundings.

The muster point has to be in safe surroundings and free of potential hazards such as trees, power lines, poles, gas, and dense traffic areas.


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