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Good work safety habits to encourage this year in your organisation

good work safety habits

Good work habits ensure safety at work. Supporting the health and well-being of everyone at work has become a necessity like never since the Covid-19 Pandemic that brought about massive retrenchment of workers and companies shut down.

Encouraging good work habits will ensure that workers do not witness stress and burnout at work.

Bad habits or good habits can become part of someone. It is expedient that you set great rules for yourself and others at work.

However, here are the eight good work safety habits to encourage this year.

Safety walkabout.

Encourage more safety walkabouts in your workplace. A safety walkabout is a form of safety inspection on the site. While on it, spot things that are arranged wrongly and correct them immediately.

Safety meetings on the go.

Safety meetings must not be in the office. You can swap the office safety for a gentle stroll. Conduct your meeting while on the go. Doing a safety meeting outside the office has proven to be more beneficially as it will help to clear your mind and leave you more refreshed. Walking alone improves the body’s blood flow and helps to increase creativity in a person.

Keep a proper posture at work.

Not everyone maintains a good posture at work. Poor posture at work is a common problem some people expose themselves to while sitting wrongly at their desks. Proper sitting will always prevent aches and pains. Promote blood circulation in your body and improve your digestion. Always put your both feet on the floor when you’re sitting down. Rest your lower arms on a supporting parallel in front of you.


Investing in safety knowledge is a good work habit.

You’ll need to be investing in safety knowledge while you work to be abreast of what to do at any given time to work. Knowledge is power. When you have timely and current knowledge of the safety aspect of your job, It will be easy for you to discharge your job safely.

Learn how to plan your work.

Planning your work will reduce workplace stress from you and increase your work productivity. So, create a plan for yourself on how to work effectively. Workplace stress is one of the risks to health associated with work. Having a plan will help you to know the amount of work needed to do at any given time. Thinking alone about the things you need to achieve without having a plan will drain you and makes you look unserious. So create a list in your planning with your personal and work targets and follow them holistically. 

Take breaks in-between hours.

Taking a job break is one of the tools that will help you feel replenished after engaging in long work hours. Once you’re busy for a long time, there is a tendency that you may feel empty from the inside. Take a break and refuel your strength and return to your work. You can go for a brief walk if you want. 

Report unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.

Unsafe acts are actions of a worker that can cause harm to the worker or endanger the life of a fellow worker. Reporting Unsafe acts and Unsafe conditions should be one of the habits to be embraced this year. To report unsafe acts and Unsafe conditions will make it easy for them to be spotted and corrected immediately. 

Engage in teamwork.

Teamwork pays. Avoid doing the whole work alone. Get some of the workers to help you out. You can delegate some of your activity and wait for the workers to give you feedback. Teamwork will also reduce the stress associated with work.


Communicate more with your fellow workers.

Communication at work helps the work to move well seamlessly. It equally improves productivity and teamwork. Having good Communication on the safety of the job, work progress, personal level, and the way forward will go a long way to bring the tremendous result to your team at work. 

Conclusion: Good work safety habits to encourage this year.

Maintaining work safety habits will guarantee a healthier, safer and more productive worker in the long run.

Workplace stress, accident, burnout, and unproductiveness are not good examples of where things work well. 

Therefore, cultivating the above work habits will be good in your life and the workplace.

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