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Toolbox talk on barricade

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A barricade is any object or structure that creates a barrier, blocks a passage of people or forces traffic to flow in the desired direction. They are important part of work area safety.

Barricades are often erected on a construction site to serve many purposes. Majorly is to control traffic of persons and equipment from collisions, person and equipment fall, and collapse of the excavation.

A barricade prevents unwanted access to excavation and stops the fall of persons into such an excavation. 

What can you do to ensure a safe barricade around the workplace today?

  • Install barricades, signs or warning systems to prevent the public from excavation sites. Firstly install warning systems ahead.
  • Install barricades or guardrails at places where there is a traffic of persons and equipment like walkways, roads and pathways.
  • Install standard guardrails at bridges where people are using to cross excavations. Guardrails involve top rail, mid rail and toe board. 
  • If an excavation is left unattended for a long time, ensure to protect it with a fence against accidental pedestrian entry. If the place is in a remote area where persons are likely to pass, warning posts and caution tape with a sign may be enough.
  • Install barricades in a site to prevent unauthorized access from passers-by and intruders and to control vehicular passage. 
  • Ensure there is a system to inform any mobile equipment of a nearby excavation before it gets to the barricade.

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