Toolbox talk on spray painting safety

spray painting toolbox talk

spray painting toolbox talk

Toolbox talk on spray painting.

Spray painting releases harmful substances easily into the environment. The toxic substance can affect the worker doing the job and anyone in the immediate environment. 

Vapours released from the activity are toxic and can lead to health damage. And people shouldn’t breathe it in. 

It is advisable to spray in an environment where there are fewer people or where there is no exposure to persons apart from the painter. 

 Spray Paint usually involves vanishing, lacquer or coatings. 

Hazards associated with spray painting 

  • Fumes.
  • Vapours
  • Fire
  • Explosion

What to do to ensure spray painting safety today?

  • Ensure that you are familiar with the task before engaging in it.
  • Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk if you have any health challenges with your breathing system. 
  • Determine the task duration and ensure you work with it to reduce your exposure to the risk.
  • Remove anything that might start a fire around the spraying environment like flames, fuel and smoking.
  • Inspect all electrical equipment, bulbs, and cables around the area and possibly unplug them from power sources,
  • Make sure there is no heat around the area because that would be dangerous. 
  • Avoid contact with the paint with your eye.
  • Wash your hand with detergent after use
  • Make provision for emergency kits if contact with the eye. 
  • Ensure you wear the correct type of respirator for the activity.
  • Cover all your body parts and do not expose any part of your body throughout the painting activity. 
  • Always ventilate the area of the painting. Possibly paint outside. Avoid painting indoors. 
  • Always wear your necessary PPE and make sure they are in good condition.
  • If using High Heat paint, read the back of the product label to ensure the expected heat is within recommended temperature range.

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