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What are the five good housekeeping systems?

5S of good housekeeping systems

What are the five good housekeeping systems?

Good housekeeping is a program that means a place for everything and everything in its proper place.

Housekeeping is even more than just sweeping the floor. It entails a lot of things. However, it ensures an orderly arrangement of things in the workplace.

Things being in order means that different items are in different positions. For instance, storing of chemicals in the chemical store and not at the power generator house. 

Even when you have an item in an area that is unnecessary or that is out of place, then you do not have an order.

When things are not in order, you waste lots of time, energy and materials.

However, below are the five Good housekeeping systems known as the 5S.

 1- SORT. 

Sorting involves getting rid of an item that is of no use again. When you sort, you are looking for things lying around the workplace. Examples may be old equipment, tools, and empty containers. When you do sorting, you are separating items that are in use from those that are not. 

 2- STORE.

At this stage, you are concerned about what you do to those items you have already sorted. The ones you’re not using, you package and store them properly for future use. And those you are using, you have to Store them after every use. Look around you and check if there is an orderly arrangement of things. If things are stored inappropriately order, you correct them. You’re deciding where and where to put different things. And remember to use markings and signages to indicate storage areas for easy identification. 

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Shine has to do with cleaning those items in your workplace. Clean them from time to time. There should be a continuous cleaning regime. Assign people to clear out any rubbish littered around the workplace. Ensure everywhere in the workplace is clean places like the cabinets and ledgers. If you make a mess, clean it up Immediately, don’t assume someone else will do that for you. 


Standardization has to do with setting a standard for housekeeping. Make it a standard that there would be a periodic cleaning schedule. Assign people to housekeeping roles and responsibilities in the workplace. Ensure there is a cleaning method acceptable and a checklist for cleaning activities. Get appropriate clearing equipment for your cleaning activity.

Always continuously look for ways to improve your housekeeping standards.


Sustain ensures that a Good housekeeping system will be for a long time in your workplace. How do you ensure this?

Continue training your staff and educating them from time to time to uphold the Good housekeeping systems already in place. 

Training has a way to improve the awareness of housekeeping, then again, engage in regular housekeeping. Always take action to improve performance. Continually check for gaps in the housekeeping standards and close them up. 

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