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Why do we have to use a tagline in lifting and rigging operations?

tagline for crane lifting

Why do we have to use a tagline in lifting and rigging operations?

What is a tagline?

A tag line is a line used during a lifting operation. It is attached to the Load to provide control while directing it to a safe landing. The Tag line is mainly a synthetic material known as a soft line.

When should a tag line be used during lifting operations?

  • The load you want to lift has the potential to create a hazard through its rotation. 
  • If you would be positioning a Load in a particular way during landing. 
  • If the load has the potential to swing back and forth during the lifting process.

OSHA requirement for a tagline.

OSHA recommended the usage of taglines during lifting and rigging operations involving a crane, derrick, and hoisting of materials and steel. And adverse conditions such as wind can cause the load to swing, rotate or become unbalanced. However, don’t use a tagline if it creates a safety hazard for workers during the operation. 

Safety tips when using a tagline

  • Do not use a tagline that has a Knot.
  • Seal the ends of a tagline so that it does not fray.
  • Assign a rigger to each tagline when there are many taglines in use. 
  • Attach a tagline to the ends of the load when lifting.
  • A tagline should be long enough to secure the load and let the rigger be at a safe distance during the lifting.
  • Attach all taglines to a spot that you can easily remove
  • Ensure you wear your PPE while using the tagline during the lifting operation
  • Know the load limit of any tagline that you are using. 
  • Suspend the work when there are clear adverse weather conditions and do not use a tagline to do the job during such conditions. 
  • Avoid looping the tagline and your waist or any of your body parts. 
  • Avoid attaching the tagline to any structure apart from holding it when you want to control the direction of the load
  • Do not detach the tagline from the load you’re lifting until it has landed according to its safe location.
  • The rigger or handler should be able to hold the tagline at shoulder or waist level. Any height greater than these makes it not to be effective.
  • Using a tagline when unnecessary can create a hazard- This is why it is better to have a rigging and lifting plan before any lifting process. 

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