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Toolbox talk on working in the desert

working in the desert safety

Toolbox talk on working in the desert.

Working in the desert exposes workers to extreme weather conditions. Because of this, we should protect workers from being harmed or injured while working.

Deserts are barren areas of the landscape where you have little precipitation every year. The living conditions are always hostile to plants and animals.

Lack of vegetation in the desert will make the unprotected soil suffer denudation. 

Denudation is simply an erosion of the earth’s surface by wind, ice, water and waves. 

Working in a desert with safety measures will prevent harm and injury to workers. 

Hazards associated with working in the desert

  • The high wind that can blow sands into the eye
  • An animal such as snakes, scorpions, insects and reptiles
  • The scorching heat of the sun
  • Low visibility 
  • Freezing temperature at night

What can you do to protect yourself while working in the desert?

  • Enforce the use of Permit to work for all the work in the desert.
  • Train all workers before they work in the desert.
  • There should be an explosive ordinance awareness among workers. The explosive ordinance is devices charged with explosives or propellants that can explode.
  • Mandatory use of PPE while they are working in the desert.
  • Inform all workers of all safety procedures before they embark on the desert work.
  • Inspect all vehicles for desert work before use.
  • Workers must know all hazards and their preventative measures before work.
  • Always drive with extreme caution as high wind and dust can affect visibility.
  • Be watchful as desert animals and avoid them if you can. Do not make any attempt to catch any animal.
  • Ensure there is adequate first aid for workers. And whenever there is an application of first aid, it should be immediate.
  • Avoid touching any suspicious items that may be a trap.
  • Always Inform your supervisor of any unknown item around the area.
  • Follow all safety rules about the work and let all workers abide by them. 

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