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Few things to know about the American society of safety Professionals Assp

assp american society of safety professionals

Assp American society of safety professionals is a global community of occupational health & safety professionals (OSH Professionals )founded due to a fatal incident in a New York City garment factory in 1914, more than 100 years ago. It was called the triangle shirtwaist factory incident. The incident leads to the death of 146 workers. Through investigations, the cause was the negligence of safety practices and the lack of safety regulations during that time.

Shortly after the incident, an association called the United association of casualty inspectors was formed. It later transformed into ASSE, the American society of safety engineers, and later ASSP, to cater for many diverse disciplines that make up the safety community. And for those that have become their members. 

ASSP is the oldest association formed with a shared commitment and passion for a safe workplace. They pride themselves on equipping their members in many ways to help one another to achieve professional excellence.

ASSP membership benefits.

Ways in which ASSP members benefit from the association.

They benefit in many ways as listed below.

The members benefit from the numerous activities and this offers them opportunities to learn, grow and advance in their careers. 

How many members does ASSP have now?

They have more than 36000 members across 80 countries of the world. They connect to a community of resources and opportunities. 

What can you see among the ASSP members?

As members are passionate people. They are dedicated to creating a safer and healthier workplace. Their members commit together to helping one another to achieve their professional goals.

Assp membership.

If you are desirous of becoming a member of ASSP, kindly click on the link to join

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