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What does step back 5 by 5 mean?

step back 5 by 5 safety activity

step back 5 by 5 activity.

Step back 5 by 5 is an activity that allows workers to identify hazards in their daily tasks and deal with them to ensure there is no harm to workers.      

One importance of Stepback 5 by 5 is to promote a hazard management culture among workers through monitoring work activities.

When your job is high-risk, we recommend you do effective reviews of a step back 5 by 5 at all times. 

Job hazard analysis and step back 5 by 5 have similarities because you have to identify the task and the hazards in each of them and then put controls.

How do you assess your task for hazards?

  • Discover the sequence of your job by breaking the job into different tasks.
  • List the hazards involved in those steps you listed 
  • Identify your hazard control measures.

How can you conduct step back 5 by 5 during your work?

1. You are to take 5 steps back from your Job activity.

With this, you are to take five steps Back away from your work point. Drop your tools and equipment before you do so. Take your time and look at the big picture of the whole job that you are doing. Try to visualize a hazard that may be present in the environment and list them out for yourself. And visualize any other changes that may present harm to the workers.

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2. Take 5 minutes to discuss the hazards and the changes you have identified.

See the list of things to discuss at this stage.

  • The changes in the environment
  • The known hazards in the work activity you’re to do next. 
  • Hazard not previously identified or that you were not aware of before
  • Check if there is control. If none, stop work and reassess them. 

Step back 5 by 5 is an active hazard management tool. The workers are to take an active role during the activity through their conversation and contributions.

The purpose of the step back 5 by 5 is defeated if the workers choose to be silent during the activity.

Just know this- Step back 5 by 5 will not work if you do not talk to each other.

3. Repeat the process in number 2 above for all jobs you have identified, from the beginning to the end. 

A skip in your job steps activity will make the Step back 5 by 5 ineffective because missing any step may have hidden hazards that may pose a danger to the workers. 

4. Review stage.

You have to review the whole Job activity and get feedback from all workers that participated in the Job activity. Write them down and use the correction for future work. Not doing any review will likely repeat your mistakes when a similar situation presents itself.

Remember to stop any job that presents a danger. Get every worker to understand that and put the necessary controls in place. 

You will do this by monitoring the work and interacting with the work crew and their actions at work. 

Benefits of Step back 5 by 5.

  • It prevents the accident from happening in the workplace
  • It makes workers acquire knowledge of the task at hand and know how to identify hazards whenever it presents themselves.
  • The identified hazards are controlled as a result of Step Back 5 by 5.
  • There is an improvement in the quality of work during the work activity.
  • It helps workers to understand that they can stop unsafe work and put control over it. 
  • It is a work tool that can save you and your worker from fatality.

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