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What is a safety statistics board?

hse safety statistics board

What is a safety (hse) statistics board?

The health and safety (HSE) statistics board comprises plywood or metal. Use in displaying the health and safety records of a particular workplace. The information on the board notifies everyone at the workplace about figures relating to safety within a given time. 

The safety statistics board should have a format. Any organization can design whatever suits them. The bottom line is to present an overview of the safety statistics of the site to everyone. 

You can use the figures seen from the health and safety statistics board to make immediate decisions without wasting time. For instance, if a safety statistics board shows an Incidence record as Zero in a factory for one year. It indicates that something is done right within that environment, or it could as well be that the incidence is not being reported. The information came very quickly because of the safety statistics board’s presence. Moreover, any member of the safety department can update the HSE statistics board, and the information on the board must emanate from them. 

What can you see in a typical HSE statistics board?

#1. Date 

The date you input whenever you update the board 

#2. Project start date

If the ongoing work is about a particular project, maybe a construction project. The project start date has to be on the board. So that people can easily see when the project started. But this date may not apply in a factory setting. It may not be on the statistics board of a factory. They may choose to write the day they started for the year. 

#3. Safety slogan

A safety slogan that the workplace accepts among them. Some companies use SAFETY FIRST, SAFETY ALWAYS. There are many slogans any company can choose from to make their employees familiar with them. If your company or your workplace do not have one, you can develop one for them and let the message in the slogan sink into the mind of the employees. 

# 4. Location

The Safety (HSE) statistics board will bear the area’s location.

#5. The number of persons on site.

You can update this part at intervals. It will help to know the number of persons that entered the workplace that day. However, some people may leave this one out because of collating the track of everyone entering the workplace for work. This record can help to know the person on-site when an emergency strikes. 

#6. The number of Man-hours worked without LTI.

The number of hours the employees have worked is Man-hours recorded from the inception of the project or years and when there is no Lost time injury. LTI means lost time injury. LTI is an injury sustained on the job leading to loss of productive hours. 

#7. Number of Incidents.

Incidents are near misses and accidents. The total number of all incidents from inception or monthly would be here.

#8. First aid cases.

These are cases within the first aid level. The worker involved was able to resume work immediately after the treatment. It does not require medical treatment and mostly happens within the workplace. 

#9. The number of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions

These contain the number of Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions reported through a reporting system. Some companies do have a card for reporting Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions. 

Some safety statistics boards may include others like the client name, contract number, and weather report. The above list is the main item on a typical health and safety (HSE) statistics board.

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