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Toolbox talk on emergency exit on site

emergency exit toolbox talk

Emergency exits provide a clear route for people to use when there is a danger. 


Emergencies are serious, unwanted, unplanned and dangerous situations that require immediate attention resulting in outcomes that can be dangerous. 

Emergency exit.

An emergency exit is an exit used to provide a safe means of escape from a structure or an area in the event of an emergency. 

You can see emergency exits in public places such as offices, residential and hotels.

Workplaces must have at least two emergency exits to encourage speedy evacuation of persons during any emergency. However, blocking one of the exits may lead to using the other during an emergency.

Emergency exits are very vital even in the workplace. More so, it ensures speedy evacuation and escapes during a life-threatening event. 

Emergency exit signs.

You can use an emergency sign to show an emergency exit. 

An emergency exit sign indicates exit places during any emergency. Most often, not identified and communicated to all in the workplace. Because of this, incidents and injuries can occur during an emergency.

What can you do concerning emergency exits at the workplace?

  • Educate all workers in a facility, workplace or worksite on the location of emergency exits available for them to use.
  • All visitors must undergo a site safety induction before accessing any facility with discussions on the emergency procedure and emergency exits available at the workplace.
  • Place all maps or drawings indicating emergency exits and make them visible for all to see. 
  • Do not block any emergency exit sign with an object. Keep them free of decorations that can impair visibility.  
  • Do not stack any material near any emergency exits.
  • Do not place extension cords and other tools in emergency exits to prevent trip and fall during an emergency.
  • Keep all emergency marking or painting clean at all times.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain all emergency exits to ensure they’re good. 

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