7 Basic home safety tips every parent should apply in their homes

home safety is very important for everyone in the home. For home safety to make sense, one person is never enough and participation from everyone makes the difference.

7 basic home safety tips every parent must know

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Home safety is something everyone should know and apply it in their various homes. For home safety to make sense, one person is never enough and participation from everyone makes the difference.

There should be good knowledge of home safety for everyone if we should make headway in protecting the home.

In-home safety, various aspects should matter most such as the presence of smoke alarms, Preventing hazards from not causing harm, arrangements of things, security systems, food safety and so on. And knowing how you treat these aspects will make your home a secure place.

Usually, different homes have different home safety tips that guide them. However, the one’s below are just the basics that can apply to almost every home.

Ensure your alarm system is working and check it very often.

Alarm systems are of different types designed to meet specific needs. For instance, we have the smoke detectors that detect when there is smoke as a result of an emergency fire in the home. Another such as motion detectors can sense the presence of any motion in areas that it was present from intruders or unwarranted animals.

CO2 detectors can trigger when you have an unwarranted CO2 level, for example, from your wood-burning stove during winter.

Getting these alarms ready and duly checked at all times can help you a lot in your home safety.

Turn on Security lights at Night.

Ensure you turn on your security light at night hours. Most often, intruders invade a house when they feel there is no one around. So, the lights deter them a lot since it increases the possibility of them being visible. You can make it a rule that security light should be put on at night hours in the house so that everyone can key into it.

Lock your doors.

The value of locking your doors at all times is enormous. It helps to keep your kids safe and prevents them from going out without supervision.

No matter how safe your neighbourhood is, don’t forget to obey this at all times. When your doors are locked, it equally prevents unauthorized persons from accessing your home.

Rooms like the laundry room, the bathroom and the kitchen need to be locked to prevent unauthorized access from people within your home. Most especially from your children. 

Children exhibit curiosity, because of that, they can have access to such rooms and harm themselves.

Also, in the kitchen, if you can’t lock the door, ensure that the cooking utensils such as knives and other sharp objects are kept safe at all times.

And this will help to prevent it from getting to the wrong hands. Equally, keep every electrical appliance away from the kids.

Keep all medicine in a safe place.

There have always been cases of children getting hold of medicine or drugs on their own. And because it was within their reach. Safe storage of drugs out of reach of children in our homes is necessary. And no one has to ignore that.

If there are cases of drugs abuse by adults, keep such drug at a safe place to discourage the abusive behaviours. Avoid any form of drug abuse. And you can achieve this from the drug storage, safe use, and using the right dosage at a time.

Check your floors and keep them dry.

Wet floors are potential accident causes in homes. Such accidents can have an effect on the body, for example, spinal cord injuries or brain damage.
Dangers of the wet floor is high. And everyone in the home has to understand this part.

Clean up a spill on the floor whenever present. Sometimes, when kids are eating, they spill water and other items on the floor.

Create a designated place for your children feeding and make a rule on that to inform others in the house.

Emergency Plan.

Emergency plans are good to have it in place in your home. When you don’t have a plan for an emergency, you may not know what to do when it happens. Having an emergency plan should be part of every home.

For example, getting people on what to do when there is fire will ensure that the fire is contained and prevented from causing damages.

The Emergency plan can have various items included in it such as fire emergency, medical emergency, flood, arson etc.

Communicate the plan to anyone that visits the house for a stay to ensure everyone in the house is safe.

Don’t divulge your personal information on the internet.

Keep personal information out of the internet. Criminals flood the internet looking for a potential victim through these means.

Internet is as good as it has always been, had some dangers associated with it. And everyone at home should have the necessary information to avoid being a victim of it.

Sharing information through the internet to a stranger should be a NO-NO. Bringing a person you knew from internet to home should be done with caution.
Some kids become members of some outlawed group that they see from the internet. So, Parents have to monitor their kid’s internet usage and protect them from such risk.

Conclusion on basic home safety.

The list of home safety tips is endless. For a home to be safe, all persons have to involve safety in all they do. Knowing what to do and doing it saves a lot and helps keep everyone safe in the home.

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