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Toolbox talk for site transport

site transport site tool box talk

Toolbox talk for site transport

Many accidents can happen due to operating the site transport in an unsafe manner. Site transport enables moving people and materials from one location to another. So there are many dangers involved in site transport, and this danger can turn into a dangerous activity for people and the organization.

Safety precautions for site transport.

  • Ensure that you are authorized to drive a site transport to prevent accidents.
  • Refuel all site transport at the designated refuelling locations.
  • Ensure that all drivers maintain the side’s speed limits and put some measures in place to monitor them.
  • In places where you notice overrunning, utilize the use of stop blocks.
  • Ensure there is a signaler to guide you before you reverse your site transport.
  • Ensure that the drivers carry out daily inspections of their site vehicles and make reports on all defects.

Safety precautions when carrying people

  • Drivers should know about their responsibility when carrying people and not physical loads. 
  • When using public highways, ensure that you obey all legislation concerning the highway.
  • All site drivers must be competent.

Safety precautions when carrying materials

  • Do not overload any site transport for carrying materials from one location to another. Always determine the maximum load it can carry. 
  • All drivers must know the maximum loading capacity of their site transport.
  • Learn how to reverse the vehicle carefully to prevent collision with people or equipment on site.
  • Do not carry passengers on a transport meant for carrying out materials.
  • Secure all loads properly to prevent the load from falling.
  • Whenever you notice any unpropped bodies in the lorries or vehicles, always stay away from such bodies.


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