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The 5 measures you can take to keep your business safe

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The 5 measures you can take to keep your business safe

Keeping your business safe is one of the good things you can do to keep your business alive. In many ways, security risks can damage your business and can knock that business off the track. There has been an increase in cyber attacks, and they cause tremendous damage to businesses whenever they happen. The loss from the online attack can be in multiples of thousands of dollars.

To keep your business safe is all about getting a means to secure your business against online attackers through online security tools. However, there are simple online security measures that every business owner can deploy to prevent these cyber assaults. 

In this blog, Below are the 5 measures to keep your business safe.

1. Anti-software virus.

The first thing you should do is install and deploy antivirus software on all your devices. Regularly prioritize and protect the devices you log on to the internet- your phones, tablets and computers. Antiviruses are cheap protocols that protect your devices against malicious programs. Malicious programs are viruses or worms that can extract or infect your information through your devices to damage your data. There are Free versions of antivirus you can install on your device. Those free versions will not give you complete protection like the paid versions. 

2. Have a backup for your data.

It is agreeable that your data is vulnerable at any time. The best we can do is to back it up against an online Attack. A study by Verizon suggested that a company can lose between 18120 US Dollars and 35730 US dollars When there is a data breach. So, back up your data to prevent this cost. Most times, a system failure is the leading cause of data loss. Always make sure to back up your data regularly. Use a flash drive since viruses can corrupt and damage most hard drives in the computer. 

3. Secure all your financial transactions.

Most financial transactions happen online these days. So you must secure your details and ensure it doesn’t get to a third party. Most times, the businesses that sell online are at risk of this cyberattack. The cyber attackers aim to get the financial details of buyers and use them for fraud. Sometimes, attackers will set up a phishing site that looks like your payment website page and then fool people into handing over their private information to those sites. Check out the genuineness of any site and compare it with the official URL of the company you are dealing with before you make any payment online. Use your company credit card solely for the company’s use, and ensure you don’t expose it to third parties.

4. Ethical hacking.

Ethical hacking involves getting the services of a hacker to hack a system and expose the vulnerability in that system. Ethical hackers do not cause havoc. They aim to reveal what your system needs to be more protected online. Nowadays, most individuals causing online havoc are turning into ethical hackers. This action helps in protecting the public from cybercriminals. You can engage their services if you want so that they can help you to identify the weaknesses in your online system so that you can correct them on time. 

5. Physical security.

Even though we do most of our activities online these days, we cannot entirely forget the advantage of getting our physical security in order. Physical security is not just about locking the doors or hiring more personnel. It entails educating all your employees on the right things to do to prevent a security breach. This physical security includes telling your employees not to write down their passwords where anyone can see them, not exposing their credit cards to People, and avoiding speaking on sensitive information concerning your company to people in public. 


Keeping your business safe is one of the ways that you can remain in business and sustain your business. Any attack on your business through online means will cause you to lose money. Recovering some of the lost money may be for a very long time. Sadly, Online attacks are getting more sophisticated, but you must keep your business safe. If you can go the extra mile to keep your business safe, I think that’s the best decision to take, and if it’s about your business, these measures above should be happening already in your business. In addition, take your time to research more on what you need to keep your business safe.


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