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Cold weather working: helping staff to stay safe at work. 

cold weather working

Cold weather working: helping staff to stay safe at work. 

Health and safety executive HSE has reminded the employers of their responsibilities to keep workers safe because of the first spell of cold weather that will hit the country.

The head of the Operational strategy, Mr John Rowe, called for the employers to take a sensible approach to protect the workers and make appropriate accommodations for their staff, and believes that is the best thing to do.

Mr John Rowe also noted that employers should ensure that all staff work under a reasonable temperature so that their work is not affected. Workers are unlikely to perform well under an uncomfortable weather conditions.


Workplace (Health, safety and welfare) Regulation 1992 UK places a legal obligation on employers to provide a reasonable temperature for workers at the workplace. 

The Approved Code of Practice concerning cold weather work.

In the same vein, the UK-approved code of practice suggests that the minimum temperature should be at least 16 degrees Celsius. According to Mr John Rowe, employers complying with the code of practice is the right thing to do according to Mr John Rowe. 

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