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How to improve campus security and safety

How to improve campus security and safety photo

How to improve campus security and safety

Our college campuses often face some security challenges even though the environment may look fun and bustling with life.

Our institutions must ensure the security and safety of all staff, students and visitors. 

What is campus security and safety?

Campus security and safety refers to the various measures in place to ensure the safety of the students, the staff and the visitors. The measures go a long way to prevent criminal activities and ensure the general welfare of everyone. Campus security and safety encourage a peaceful environment where everyone is at peace and safe in school at the same time.

Why is campus security and safety important?

Campus security and safety are crucial because the student needs a peaceful environment to study. Any activity that exposes them to harm will affect the student’s ability and make them unmotivated to do well in academics. 

However, Here is a list of the measures the Campuses can introduce to improve Campus security and safety. 

How to improve campus security and safety

1. Make sure that there is enough visibility.

For you to achieve this, you have to engage in installing lighting in parking lots and dark areas. Enough visibility will discourage the activities of criminals. Ensure that there are no hiding places that can encourage potential perpetrators. 

2. Put more effort into educating the people in the campus environment.

When you educate people on security and safety, it will go a long way to help them know what they can do in the case of security emergencies. Extend the campus security and safety education to the staff, the students and the faculty members. Discuss topics like emergency procedures, safety drills, and emergency rescue arrangements. Doing this will educate and prepare the people adequately in case of emergency.

3. Engage more Security personnel’s On patrols.

More security personnel engaging in patrol frequently will deter criminals from performing their activities. If the Campus community does not have enough security personnel, they should employ more people for this activity. Their job should mostly be proactive To identify potential security threats in the school community.

4. Access control

Make sure that there is enough access control system in place in most of the buildings. The access control will limit people’s entry in and out of the buildings and restrict unauthorised access. In some places, the biometric identity card can assist in improving the access control system.

5. Allow people to make reports of any criminal activity

Create a system that will allow people to make a report on any criminal or suspicious activity that is happening around them. You can place telephone lines for them to call and make their reports. Put the telephone line should at designated places on the Campus. Most times, allowing people to make an anonymous report can ensure that no one becomes uncomfortable at the end of the day.

6. There should be a Partnership between The local law enforcement and the Campus security personnel.

This type of harmony goes a long way to support the Campus security with additional resources. Sometimes, the Campus security may have to rely on the local law enforcement to perform their work effectively. This partnership between them will help to establish a great protocol and to enhance investigations.

7. Provide an advanced security technology.

Advanced security technology like cameras and video surveillance systems will enhance security and give real-time monitoring supervision and emergency notifications. Always ensure that those cameras are in good condition, and supervise and service them from time to time So that they will remain good while giving you the best outcome.

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8. Make sure that the Campus security plan is current

The security plan in place has to be up to date to ensure the handling of any emerging threats while looking at the security plan in place. The security plan for various activities on security, for example, how people are to respond to security emergencies, the personnel involved and other things that the people need to know concerning security in the campus environment.

9. Stay alert

Everyone in the campus environment should always stay alert and monitor local news reports for potential threats to campus security.


It’s good to prioritise Campus security and safety for everyone in the University community. The campus management must take the necessary steps to ensure that nothing occurs that will expose the people to harm. Implementing the above measures will provide a safer, healthier and more secure working environment for everyone in the campus community.


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