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Roof work toolbox talk

roof work activity toolbox talk photo

Roof work toolbox talk

Roof work activities pose a danger when not carefully handled. They can cause injury or risk of death, especially from falls from height. The safety laws require the employer to take necessary steps to control risks from roof work activities. 

Roofwork toolbox talk

Roof work toolbox talk will ensure that adequate awareness will prevent injuries from being given to workers before they start work. It will also encourage them to abide by the legal requirements of roof work activities. It broadens the understanding of the workers towards safety when working on a roof.

PPE for roof work

The PPE for roof work includes personal Fall arrest systems, non-slip footwear, gloves, hard hats, and eye goggles.

Hazards of roof work.

  • Fall of person from height.
  • Fall of objects from height.
  • Dropped objects.
  • Unsafe ladders.
  • Improper placement of crawling boards.
  • Extreme temperature.
  • Elevated noise.
  • Hazardous materials.
  • Asbestos Hazards.

Job safety analysis for roof work.

Before doing the roof work activity, carry out a job safety analysis to care for all the potential hazards from the activities. The first thing to do is to identify all the job steps in the roof work activities. While looking at the steps, write down the various hazards in the steps and then put adequate control on each hazard. See an example of a Job safety analysis for roof work activities from here. 

The safety measures when working on a roof

  • Ensure you use edge protection at the rooftop, and if this is not practicable, use other systems such as safety net, safety mesh, personal fall arrest systems, work positioning systems, and total restraint systems.
  • Put a suitable anchor for placing personal fall arrest systems during use.
  • Always remember to isolate the work area Where they are doing the roofing work,
  • Do not do roof task when the weather is unsuitable for such an activity.
  • Utilise the safe way of moving materials up and down the roof.
  • Put an emergency rescue plan in place before carrying out roof activity.
  • Use competent persons to perform any task on the roof.
  • Endeavour to wear the necessary PPE before engaging in any roof task.
  • Engage the use of roof ladders and crawling boards For sloping roofs.
  • Put specific controls before carrying out any roofing activity for a roof that contains asbestos.


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