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Reasons why ABC fire extinguisher does not respond to class k fires?

Why ABC fire extinguisher do not respond to Class K fires Photo

Reasons why ABC fire extinguisher does not respond to class k fires?

ABC fire extinguishers are dry chemical powder fire extinguishers. They are not the same thing as Class K fire extinguishers. There are reasons why you can’t use ABC fire extinguishers to fight Class K fires. Let’s follow the blog and read the reasons.

What is an ABC fire extinguisher?

ABC fire extinguisher derived its name from the classes of Fire that the fire extinguisher will quench effectively. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, US. 

There are five classes of Fires. Namely 

1. Class A Fires are papers, wood etc. 

2. Class B Fires are paints, solvents etc.

3. Class C Fires are Electrical fires.

4. Class D Fires are for combustible metals such as magnesium.

5. Class K Fires involve cooking fats and oil.

What are Class K fires?

Class k fires are from cooking fats and oils. Those cooking oils and fats are in use in our kitchens. Class k fire also involves grease and oils from burning vegetable and animal-based cooking oils and greases.

Class K fires are for the American standard. Class F fires are for Europe, the UK, Asia and Australia. 

Reasons why ABC fire extinguisher do not respond to class k fire

1. Cooking oils and fats under burning reach a higher temperature when compared to other liquid-based fires. In this case, the ABC fire extinguisher will struggle to quench such a fire under a higher temperature. The Class K fire extinguisher will be more effective in this situation because it sufficiently cools down the burning cooking oil and prevents it from reigniting.

2. The content of a Class K fire extinguisher is wet chemicals like potassium carbonate, potassium acetate or potassium citrate. The content works by saponifying the burning oil by separating the fuel, oxygen and heat that supports combustion and prevents reignition.

ABC fire extinguisher only provides a layer of dust from a combination of mono ammonium phosphate or ammonium Sulfate with nitrogen. It only interferes with the chemical reaction from the combustion process. Most times, it is not sufficient to quench a Class K fire.

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