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What is a Riser Room?

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What is a Riser Room?

The riser room is a control room where you control the fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinklers can as well be called fire risers.

The riser room serves many purposes and gives quick access to the fire sprinkler system and control when the maintenance team want to do maintenance. 

What do we have in the riser room?

The riser room will contain the following items. 

The sprinkler system risers.

This pipe connects the main water supply with the sprinkler cross pipes.


There will be a presence of piping connecting the system risers to a fire department connection(FDC). And this helps to supplement water into the sprinkler system water supply when there is a need.

Sprinkler system valves.

These valves function to drain, test and isolate the system.

Pressure gauges.

A pressure gauge measures water pressure and tells us if there is sufficient pressure in the sprinkler system or whether the sprinkler system is in good condition. 

Backflow prevention devices.

Backflow prevention devices ensure that water is flowing in the right direction. In order words, it prevents the backflow of water.

Water flow Switch.

It enables an alarm to be activated and notifies the relevant authorities of the sprinkler system activation.

Water motor gong.

It is a device that gives out sound when water flows through the sprinkler system. 

Tamper switches.

A tamper switch is a mechanical and electrical device connected to a fire protection valve that signals a warning if the valve partially or fully closes. 

Fire alarm control panel.

The fire alarm control panel monitors and controls the functions of a fire alarm system. 

Fire pumps.

Not all riser rooms may have a fire pump. If there should be a fire pump, it should meet up with construction requirements according to NFPA. 

Fire protection storage cabinet.

You can use this cabinet to store inspection logs, copies of relevant NFPA codes, spare parts for sprinkler heads and compatible sprinkler wrenches. 

Floor plans. 

A detailed and clearly labelled building floor plan indicating all control valves in the different units responsible for other floors and sections of the building.

Click on this video link for a typical riser room  


Many requirements and codes exist for the riser room. We have the NFPA standards, ICC international building code (IBC), International fire code (IFC), and AHJ requirements- Authority Having Jurisdiction. 

Below are the requirements that should be complied with when making the riser room according to NFPA, IBC, IFC, and AHJ Mentioned above. 

1. Accessibility of the sprinkler system risers within the riser room.

People should be able to access the sprinkler system risers in times of emergency and maintenance. You may lock it with a key to encourage authorised access. Keys have to be made available and within reach of all concerned parties. There should not be any obstruction in the way of the risers.

2.   Situate Riser rooms on the ground floor of the property or the building and must have an exterior door.

3.   Access doors leading to the riser room must be marked.

The label has to be on the doors with approved signage and lettering in a contrasting colour with the background.

4.    The size of the riser room must be adequate to allow sufficient space for the maintenance and installation of system parts. 

5.    Riser room temperature must be 40 degrees Fahrenheit or even higher. A system to monitor the temperature has to be in place. Freezing the pipes and other components are bad for the risers.

6.     Permanent and adequate lighting must be in the riser room.

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