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Toolbox talk on office safety

office safety toolbox talk

Office safety is one safety people have to maintain at a high level. There is this notion that accident rarely occurs in the office. And that Offices are very safe, unlike construction or factory environment. Injuries sustained from Office accidents may be relatively different from a construction environment. However, the truth is that accidents can occur in an office and can be disastrous. 

Hazards are everywhere. And they can cause harm if not controlled properly. Our ability to control them makes the workplace to be safer for everyone. 

Hazards associated with an office environment

Slip trips and falls are among the high causes of accidents in an office environment. 

What to do to ensure good office safety today?

  • Ensure that floor area and storage areas are clean and free of debris.
  • Clean out all spills immediately.
  • Put a slip-resistant mat at entrance doors, most especially during rainy seasons.
  • Repair all damaged floors at all times.
  • Ensure you secure all rugs firmly on the floor.
  • Use ladders to get materials from high shelves. Do not use chairs or tables to do so.
  • Do not store materials in doors or corridors or at places where there is a movement of people in offices.
  • Do not block the emergency exits with materials.
  • Avoid operating any office equipment that you don’t know how to use.
  • Ensure that all equipment and electrical appliances in the office are in good condition before use.
  • Hide all extension cables away from where people are passing in the offices.
  • Keep your table free of materials and file your documents in order. 
  • If you notice any office equipment for repair, notify your supervisor immediately.
  • Position portable fire extinguishers at designated places in the office.
  • Inspect the portable fire extinguishers at least once every month.
  • Carry all load but let it not cover your eye view.
  • Remove all obstacles away from office pathways.
  • Avoid placing any material in the window.
  • Have a routine schedule for inspecting the office area.
  • Safely use materials like staples, pins, and perforators as they can cause finger injury when not used properly. 

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