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confined space permit toolbox talk

confined space entry permit

Confined space entry permit toolbox talk.

A confined space entry permit is a permit required before you work in a permit required confined space. Not all confined space is permit required. It is a tool to control the work and ensure that all the available hazards are under control before the commencement of the work.

A responsible person must issue such a permit to a competent worker before the work, and all necessary control measures are in place.

Standard confined space entry permit requirements

  • Name of the space to be entered for the work.
  • Purpose of the entry.
  • Authorised entrants’ names.
  • Authorised dates and duration.
  • The means of identifying the entrants when they are in a confined space.
  • Name of the attendants that will be on the watch for the entrants.
  • Name of the supervisor in charge of the work.
  • Hazards inherent in the confined space
  • Control measures for the hazards
  • Acceptable entry conditions.
  • Results of various tests carried out with the dates and time.
  • Rescue and emergency contact.
  • Communication procedures.
  • Equipment for the activity, such as PPE, testing equipment, and Alarm system.
  • Other necessary information. 

Additional things to note for in confined space entry permit

  • The permit is for a confined space with the potential for a hazardous atmosphere.
  • The permit is for a confined space with material that can engulf a worker.
  • The permit is issued when the walls of the space can entrap an entrant when measures are not in place or presence of a physical hazard.
  • Make sure you undergo training before you enter a confined space.
  • Ensure there is a permit before the commencement of your work.
  • Be knowledgeable about the confined space entry procedure before you embark on it.
  • Provide Full protection equipment, ventilation and other necessary equipment as seen by the permit. 
  • Do not access the confined space as a lone worker. So dangerous to be a lone worker at the site.
  • Make sure there is an adequate rescue plan in place for all entrants. 

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