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Confined space entry toolbox talk

confined space entry toolbox talk

Confined space entry toolbox talk.

A confined space is an enclosed space that is large enough to allow an employee to enter and perform work. It can be large or small such as a fuel Tank, a pit, valve, or silos. 

A confined space has a limited means of entry and exit. Most times, there is only one way in or out. 

Confined space is not for permanent occupancy, continuous work or routine work. 

Every worker works in a confined space and leaves immediately after completing the work or when there is an impending danger while doing work.

How do you ensure confined space entry safety at work?

  • Determine if it is a permit or non-permit confined space and issue a Permit to work if needed. 
  • Ensure you post a sign stating that the entry requires a Permit to work.
  • Know that permit-required confined spaces pose a threat to entrants. And may have the below conditions.  

Oxygen deficient atmosphere.

Flammable atmosphere.

Toxic atmosphere.

Mechanical hazards.

Loose materials capable of engulfing an individual.

  • Put the necessary control measures in place while working in a confined space.
  • Make sure you test the atmosphere of a confined space to determine the presence of any harmful gas. Those gases can be explosive. 
  • Provide a radio contact for the entrant for communication with the attendant outside.
  • Make provision for rescue team members to be around in case of an emergency strike.
  • Assign competent workers for every confined space entry activity.
  • Sometimes Nitrogen can be used in a confined space to prevent fire. However, Nitrogen can not sustain life, so ensure you use respiratory protection in that situation. 
  • Train the workers on confined safety entry procedures before work. 

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