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What is an audit scope, and why is it important?

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What is an audit scope, and why is it important?

Audit scope is the extent and boundaries of an audit. It describes the certified entity, the boundaries and limits of the management system to be audited. It generally includes the description of the physical locations, units in the organization, activities and processes, and the period for the audit. 

Audit scope is one of the parameters that an auditor should not lose sight of. The auditor must ensure that the auditee understands this parameter during the audit.

Examples of an audit scope

  • Full QMS audit at the construction site of an ABD company
  • Full EMS audit at the production warehouse of ABC company.

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Importance of audit scope.

  • In a management system auditing, determining an audit scope will help to know the extent to go into the audit and the areas you’re not going to carry out the audit. 
  • Audit scope will explain to you what that audit will look like. 
  • The audit scope will let you know the certified entity in an organization. An organization can seek an audit of a particular function in its operation or a particular site area. With this, the audit certificate reveals to anyone the parts of the organization that were audited and certified. And the people can be able to make an informed decision on it.
  • If an organization claims to have certification of a part within its management system, the scope of the audit certificate can easily show the certified parts in the management system. 

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