Safety Jobs-A complete guide on how to get a health and safety job in Nigeria; Starting and growing a career in HSE.


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They have authorized training centres for NEBOSH, IOSH and ISPON and they’ve other bespoke courses depending on individual and company demands.

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For someone to practice HSE in Nigeria you need a Bachelor of Science B.Sc. or HND degree certificate either in science, or in engineering, and fewer of those in management or arts, because most job adverts always carry science or engineering background. 

But if you’re not in this category, don’t lose hope. You can still get a job as a health and safety officer if you apply most of the things in this book.

You could be picked during an interview depending on your delivery and composure and on the health and safety certifications that you have done. 


Like most jobs, Safety jobs also come with roles and responsibilities that an intending employee should be familiar with when submitting the Curriculum Vitae. Please make sure you’re familiar with it.

Below are the likely roles and responsibilities you’ll see in a job advert. Let’s take a look at the example below as seen on an advertised job from a company called Pirotti Project Limited. 

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Officer

Pirotti Project Limited

Abuja (+1 other)

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HSE Officer 

Job Description: HSE officers, also known as health, safety, and environment officers and environmental health and safety officers, monitor health and safety, assess risk, and design strategies to reduce potential hazards within an assigned workplace or geographic area. Private companies and government offices hire HSE officers to work full daytime weekday hours, both in-office environments and out in the field. HSE officers manage and train other health and safety staff members and may even travel to perform field investigations and respond to incident reports. DUTIES INCLUDE: • Ensure adherence and compliance with all relevant legal rules and regulations. • Educate and oversee employees on health and safety procedures and regulations. • Develop and implement health, safety and environment policy and procedures for the company. • Monitor personnel and workspace to ensure the environment is healthy and safe. • Always ensure the company is prepared to submit all the relevant health and safety documents. • Encourage and promote the use of safer work equipment, PPE, materials and supplies in the construction site, and ensure that non-compliant staff are reported to Human Resources. • Ensure that all visitors, vendors and contractors entering the construction site have on their PPE and restricted access without it. • Track the number of incidents and produce reports. • Monitor exposure to certain hazardous materials, etc. • Attend meetings with other managers and Heads of Departments to give and receive update briefs concerning HSE matters and policies. REQUIREMENTS: • Previous working experience as Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator for x years • Certification in Environmental Health or Related Fields e.g. HSE I, II, III • In-depth knowledge of Health, Safety and/or Environmental policy for Construction Sites. • Hands-on experience with performing audits and writing reports. • Excellent organizational time-management skills. • Great interpersonal and communication skills. • Strong personality, proactive and very energetic. • Must be able to work long hours.


Every health and safety professional must be familiar with these three ISO management system standards. 

The three standards are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

ISO which is called International Organization for Standardization has a network of national standard bodies and has more than thirty-eight thousand standards currently.

Knowledge of the standards will help you to understand what you’re expected to do when you find yourself in an environment that exposes you to an audit process and for you to apply professionalism in your work as expected.

When you apply, appreciate and know how to implement the standards in your work, your work will be more professional and you will know the reasons to follow procedures very carefully at work.

It’ll also help you to value the importance of HSE documentation and make you not see it as a mere formality in your company. 

These three standards are very important. I want you to take some of your time to study them the more. If you can understand the standard as a health and safety professional, most of your job would be easy for you. 

In this profession, we keep a lot of documents for reference and auditing purposes.

Even if you’re working in a place where the management doesn’t subscribe to any of these standards, you can use them in your day-to-day work to improve your delivery and equally be preparing yourself for better opportunities elsewhere.

Standard is a just formula that describes the best way people can do things. It could be about anything such as making a product or rendering a service.

For example, the environmental management standard helps to reduce environmental impacts and waste and provides sustainability. 

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