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7 steps to get a bcsp certification even when you’re not living in the USA

bcsp certification

BCSP Board of certified safety professionals has many certifications that people can register for and sit for in the exam. Passing the exam will guarantee that the candidate earns a certificate on the certification choice. 

Certifications in bcsp

Getting a bcsp certification will serve as a currency to make you visible for opportunities, provide more value and put you in the face of employers.

Bcsp certification helps to advance your career with achievement in the health and safety profession. 

However, getting bcsp certifications will require you to act on the following 7 steps below. 

7 steps to get a bcsp certification 

 1. Choose from the available certifications

There are many certifications in BCSP. Make sure you choose the one that is right for you, and your choice should depend on your industry. The certification choice should match your job duties, education and work experience. In any industry you’re, whether in construction or industrial hygiene, having a bcsp certification is a huge plus. 

2. Education requirements for your choice of Bcsp Certification

There are different educational requirements for all certifications. The education requirements will give you a step ahead in registering for the examination.

Though, the certifications that require a degree must be recognised by the Council of higher education accreditation (CHEA). 

More so, degrees earned outside the USA have to be evaluated before being accepted. Read more details here. 

If your choice is CSP, you must have BCSP-qualified credentials with your education requirement. 

3. Work experience 

You need work experience to enrol for the bcsp certification. The different certifications have a particular number of years of experience requirements. For e.g, if you are sitting for CSP, The experience requirement is four years and one year of work experience for ASP. 

4. Account Profile. 

On the website of bcsp, Click on the option my profile to enable you to create an individual profile. Then, start the application process immediately and complete it. The Bcsp will review and approve the application if the requirements are complete with a notification. 

5. Exam payment

Paying for your exam will require you to kindly log into your profile and select the option “purchase form” from the menu with the validity of one year to purchase, schedule and sit for their examination once their application is approved.

6. BCSP Examination

When you have purchased your exam, you receive an authorisation notice to schedule the exam through Pearson Vue testing centres. Download the Pearson VUE brochure for more information. Submit your exam when you finish writing it, and you will receive your results.

7. Earning your Certificate.

Once you have written your exam and passed, the bcsp will award you with your certificate. Bcsp will require you to maintain your certification annually with a certain fee and an up-to-date recertification point every five years.


Getting any bcsp certifications is an added advantage for any person in health and safety. Every safety practitioner gains valuable skills to protect more people at work, increase their influence and get the respect they deserve through the certification. 

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