Safety Jobs-A complete guide on how to get a health and safety job in Nigeria; Starting and growing a career in HSE.


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There are other International Safety Organizations, and some have good visibility in Nigeria such as 

WSO (World Safety Organization), 

IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health),

International Institute of Risk and safety management (IIRSM),

BSC- British safety council, 

ASSP- American society of safety professionals,

CSSE- Canadian Society of safety engineering, 

CCOHS-Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

BCSP- Board of Certified Safety Professionals.

Board of Canadian registered safety professionals etc.

You can become their member by paying certain amounts of fees with scanned copies of your credentials to them for review, but I’ll encourage you to concentrate more on ISPON while you progress to join others later. `

IOSH Is a UK organization. Everyone joins IOSH as an affiliate member. You can now pay for full membership, and they’ll upgrade you depending on your CV, and the certificate you’ve. 

If you’ve got a NEBOSH NGC/IGC Certificate, they’ll grade you as a technical member of IOSH(Techiosh) and if you have a NEBOSH diploma certificate, they’ll grade you as a graduate member of IOSH (GRADIOSH).

Though there are other routes you can follow to join any grade in IOSH but if you find it difficult, you can always communicate to IOSH for guidance on how to go about it.

IOSH West Africa has its informal meetings depending on your location in Nigeria.

Most Job adverts from the UK and some multinational Jobs will require you to be a member of IOSH or any of the International Safety Organizations when submitting a CV to them.

But don’t worry, take it gradually. 

IOSH will require you to be paying yearly dues which may be taking much from you as a beginner in the profession.

IOSH has courses someone can do; the two popular ones are working safely and managing safely.

If you have the money, you can give it a try but if you don’t have, you can save up to get any of them.

NEBOSH IGC- Nebosh International General Certificate.

NEBOSH is an examination body that organizes health and safety examinations only. NEBOSH means the National examination board for occupational health and safety. They are a reputable charity organization in the UK, they have a range of courses people can sit for through NEBOSH Course providers /accredited centres. 

And the exams would be conducted in the British Council. NEBOSH is proposing that some of their courses would be done online due to the Covid-19 Pandemic issues. 

NEBOSH Examinations are easy to pass if you read very well before sitting for the exam. It’s always good for a practising health and safety officer to seat for any of the NEBOSH examinations because some questions are technical and will require an experienced person in the field to answer them correctly.


We have many HSE training firms in Nigeria in most of the main cities of the country. Few of them are 

1. Safeguard resources ltd- Port Harcourt.

2. Hybrid Group.

3. Kevron Consulting.

4. Novelle Center.

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