Safety Jobs-A complete guide on how to get a health and safety job in Nigeria; Starting and growing a career in HSE.


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So if you’re a nurse, you already have an upper hand in getting the job more than anyone else that is not health personnel in that establishment.

Some companies do hire first aiders who solely do first aid jobs for them.


There are so many safety organizations in Nigeria, for example, NISCN- National industrial safety council of Nigeria, ISPON, etc. but ISPON has been at the forefront and it was enacted by an act of the parliament of Nigeria as a chartered institute body.

ISPON is an acronym for the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria. It became a chartered body in 2014.

For someone that wants to join a safety profession, ISPON should be your first start.

As an Institute, ISPON offers training on Health and Safety every month in all their centres across Nigeria.

There are also rooms for someone to become a member and progress along that line to become a Fellow of the Institute and this is the highest membership grade.

If you’re a university or polytechnic graduate, for you to join ISPON, you’ve to show evidence of certificate that you’ve undergone a General Health, Safety and environment training conducted by ISPON. And also, HSE level 3 training was conducted by ISPON. 

These two certificates are the first requirements to apply for membership in ISPON.

From there, you can pay for the membership fees, Exam/Interview fees, the induction ceremony fees for you to join.


Most job adverts in Nigeria for the health and safety profession have it in their requirement for you to even submit your CV to them.

There are some companies you can’t practice as a Health and Safety Officer if you’re not a member of ISPON.

ISPON Chapters have monthly meetings where members meet. They usually have technical sessions where people can learn and improve on their Continuous Professional Development.

In this profession, if you want to succeed very fast, you need to keep on learning. Learning is limitless in the health and safety profession. There are so many things to learn. So many books to read. So many courses to do. And being a member of ISPON will give you a first step and an overview of that aspect. 

ISPON maintains a register of members in their various chapters that they can refer to or recommend you for jobs when you’re registered with them.

In my ISPON chapter, I hardly miss monthly meetings, because it’s very beneficial to me.

We’ve members from other professions with who you can interact and network and share work experiences on Health and Safety together.

For example, we have engineers, doctors, architects, builders, accountants, Military personnel, etc. in our chapter.

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